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[Work in progress] For those of you that go to online school. This userstyle modernizes the look of the lessons provided by curriculum.kcdistancelearning.com, which is used by Aventa Learning with Blackboard. It expands the page width, cleans up and improves the look of the "header" section as well as various headings/titles, and more. The material and HTML may be outdated, but that doesn't mean the styling has to be!

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I've tried my best with this. This site is one of the worst ones to work with. The HTML violates nearly every best practice of modern web design, using poorly named classes and IDs, using tables to layout everything, having the same selector for multiple things that share little in common (which makes it impossible to style an individual element in the likely event there is no unique class or ID assigned to it), and more. If I could redo the whole thing, I would. I would also settle for kicking whoever created it in the nuts.

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Version 0.1 [April 18, 2014] https://puu.sh/8dm25.png:
Initial release. More to come.Version 0.2 [April 24, 2014] https://puu.sh/8mnCA.png:Font sized increased. Unfortunately I had to increase the size of the titles and subtitles as well as a side effectAdded comments to the codeAttempts were made to add animation to the navigation bar links and style up the footer. Unfortunately, because I can't select these elements individually, I'll have to abandon these ideas unless someone can offer up an idea on how to work around this problem.

What's next:
On some pages, the alignment, layout, and look of the content is off https://puu.sh/8mnCf.png. This needs to be fixed. This will be extremely hard, if not impossible, as the HTML is especially atrocious when it comes to this section.More commentsNight mode for those long study sessionsYou decide???Profit

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