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Makes look somewhat more like (before the July 2014 update).

Subtitle: everything you never knew you always wanted in a style for (because, yeah--I get it: "unobtrusive" isn't usually the topmost goal when designing a theme; but that seems to be what the folks at were going for with their "Original Blue"--the more you use it, the more you seem to not notice it.)

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Why? I just started wondering what it would take to make the two look more "complementary". As it turns out, very little--just a few lines of code (plus a few lines copied from the VanillaForums CSS, and then a few more... and a few more... and--once you get going, it's hard to stop). The rest of the style makes my most-used functions more visible (with color highlighting mostly); everything else I just ignored (that was "the plan" anyway). I did almost nothing with the forum itself; I don't really use it. Still, I did replace a couple text links in the menu with icons (to make it all fit on one line); I also replaced the rating icons since they show up when posting a question or review from a style page.

  • element styling consistent with the forum (Vanilla 2.0)
  • wider page content than the site default
  • green-shifted background--easier on the eyes than the typical (red-shifted) plain white background
  • more visible rating icons (with legend)
  • full-window code view
  • icon for visited style links in browse
  • more compact browse for less scrolling
  • always visible and accessible page links for faster navigating in browse
  • full rating and install details displayed for styles listed on the home page
  • hide social buttons/info until hovered
This style seems to work best with the latest/current (as of "now") versions of Firefox (29.0.1) and Stylish (1.4.3); I've noticed some "irregularities" using older versions of either. It also displays "better" in Win7 than Win8; the line spacing in Win8 is somewhat "excessive". (I recently had to use a Win8 system for awhile--makes you appreciate Win7 even more.) All in all, though, I probably won't change anything with the fonts because of it.

Update Jul 23 2014
Issue with Firefox 31 and display of ASCII/Unicode characters--not quite right.

Update Jul 16 2014
Another minor update for pagination due to changes by the Vanilla update--bottom pagination moved to the left, corrected opacity related to hover. Other fixes still in the works, nothing major though.

Update Jul 8 2014
The forum software has been updated (2.0 to 2.1), so I'll be looking at updating my code for that--eventually. For now I'll just adjust the forum pagination to remove the excess padding introduced by the Vanilla update. I plan to keep the "2.0 look" for the main site.

Update Jun 23 2014
Change the forum pagination to match the new site pagination (turnabout is fair play--maybe I'll play with the forum styling a [very] little bit).

Update Jun 15 2014
A bunch of changes, mostly to the browse appearance--more compact (image is a thumbnail you hover to see "full" image), visited link indicator, and more of the "VanillaForums blue" look & feel. All pagination links now have a fixed position in the window viewport. As before, 'Previous' is on the left, and 'Next' is on the right, both centered on the vertical; additionally, the remaining page links are now located at the bottom right of the viewport. There are 3 degrees of opacity:
  1. full - when the mouse cursor hovers a link (single link)
  2. half - when the mouse cursor hovers the body of the page (all links)
  3. third - when the mouse cursor hovers anything else in the window (page margin, scrollbar, or browser chrome) or moves outside the window
This allows for quick & easy access to the paging controls along with unobstructed reading, depending on how you position the mouse cursor.

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