Black Slime FurAffinity

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A FurAffinity style by Cooped.

Updated on 2014.08.12.

My personal style for FurAffinity. A black theme with soft text and subtle contrasts. I've also cleaned up several areas of FurAffinity that either cluttered quickly or introduced inconsistencies.

Black Slime is a base style for many other themes which share common functionalities such as: Dynamic Updating, a News Delivery System, Dissolving Links, and much much more.

Activation instructions in release notes.

FA FurAffinity Black Slime Dark Cooped

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Activation Instructions

Chrome users install with Stylish, then edit, and add these lines to the code to activate the theme:

@import url("");
@import url("");

Firefox users install with Stylish, then edit, and remove the /* and */ from around the first @import line.


If you already have a FurAffinity Style by Cooped, it should automatically update to a new code base. I've gone through and rewritten all CSS modules for better consistency and ease of design. Some styles even get a radical redesign to make them better than they were, hopefully.

If you don't have a FurAffinity Style by Cooped, feel free to try one on. I've updated all the screenshots for the new updates. Don't forget as a first timer to read the activation notes. There's one more step to installation than a normal user style. This activates an auto update system where you never have to keep track of updates for the styles you use.

As I mentioned before, I've rewritten all code for all styles, so try out some of the other themes under FurAffinity and Cooped. While still sharing core functionalities, each style is unique and packs a different flavor from its counter parts.

Chrome 4+ supported.

Black Slime themes now update automatically. Remove the /* and */ around the @import statement in the first line, to start using this and other Black Slime themes.

Stylish discourages the use of non-chrome imports, but this snippet is lightweight and allows updates of the codes as I write them.

Initial Upload, Compatible on Firefox 28+ w/CSS3

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