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Added by SirBlackhand@userstyles, Created: Jul 10, 2014, Updated: Jul 17, 2016
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A custom stylesheet for WikiFoundry wikis which updates styles to look more modern, better suit the WikiFoundry branding/colour scheme and remove traces of Wetpaint branding still present on the site.

This stylesheet affects all URLs ending with "" - so if you're using a custom URL for your wiki, it will not work. Please if you would like to have your custom URL added to the style.

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Version 0.7.1
- Fixed issue where site search would appear above "My WikiFoundry" menu

Version 0.7
- The page attributes area (at the bottom of each page) has a fresh, clean new look
- The "My WikiFoundry" menu has a new, easier-to-use look
- Fixed overly chunky thread headers
- Hidden "(what's this?)" link next to "more tools" dropdown

Version 0.6.1
- Photo/album galleries no longer stretch out of the window
- Image search button and video search button are now correctly aligned with their text boxes
- Shrunk widget window and adjusted appearance of each button slightly
- Stretched slideshow items to fill "add slideshow" window and fixed their height

Version 0.6
- Evenly spaced all avatars on "my friends" on profile
- Removed borders from profile sidebar and removed header backgrounds
- Made "invite" box on profiles less prominent
- Altered text boxes to use box-shadow instead of background image, padded, spaced and rounded corners
- Added focus highlight to text boxes
- Spaced out thread submission form
- Fixed spacing on thread pages
- Adjusted cancel buttons to make them the same height as submit buttons
- Adjusted pagination to place counts and navigation on separate lines and centre both

- Added more site-specific fixes

Version 0.5
- Removed chunky 3D border from most dialogues (including messaging)
- Removed all widgets except YouTube and RSS, restored Other Widget for profiles
- Modified content module window to improve appearance, removed border from thumbnails
- Shrunk photo cards so photo gallery has 3 columns again (instead of 2) when adding a new photo
- Fit search bar for gallery to window

- Added Jonas Brothers Site and Demi Lovato Fan Site to URLs

- Updated custom image URLs to fix missing icons after new image server was put in place

- Added site-specific background fix for Destiny Wolf RPG wiki. Please message me if you'd like me to make specific alterations to your wiki

Version 0.4
- When "centre all wikis" is enabled, content is now automatically resized to fit the page on wikis where the homepage is wider than the fixed width. This does not affect iframe content and therefore iframes with content exceeding the fixed width will be cropped (and may hide some content)

Version 0.3 (Dialogues Overhaul Update)
- Removed extra grip from dialogues (there is plenty to grab onto there already)
- Fit title bar to dialogue (so it is now a perfect rectangle)
- Removed pointless 3D borders
- Changed text box borders from dark blue to grey (more cross-theme friendly)
- Shrunk footer vertically, fit to page width and fixed at the bottom of the page
- Changed footer to dark background with light text (like the bar at the top)
- Fixed excess padding on discussion section
- Added drop shadows to dialogues
- Removed tags area from bottom of pages (only for SEO - we do not need to see them)
- Removed border-radius properties from dialogues (Chrome and older versions of Firefox)
- Added Chrome fix for EasyEdit drop-downs

Version 0.2 (Profile Overhaul Update)
- Changed profile summary box to dark background (#333) with light text (#ccc)
- Rounded avatars and removed borders
- Changed compliments to match darker profile summary
- Changed collapse/expand arrows to solid colours
- Increased spacing in page attributes box at the bottom of pages
- Increased padding in thread posts to improve readability

What's next? Dialogues and EasyEdit overhauls, footer styling. Please leave any suggestions in the discussion area!

Version 0.1.1:
- Cleaned up search boxes
- Cleaned up profile tabs
- Increased padding of sidebar navigation (to increase accessibility)
- Cleaned up "page tools" area
- Increased padding of "promo links" area
- Fixed "Join Now!" button on wikis which you have not registered
- Added option to centre all wikis

Version 0.1 (Pre-Alpha):
- Top bar of every site is now full width of the page, regardless of whether the website is fixed-width
- Top bar's link colours have been changed from Wetpaint's green to WikiFoundry's red
- Wetpaint icon has been removed from top bar
- Adjusted padding on top bar and navigation
- Changed separators on navigation bar from using background images to CSS border properties
- Changed all buttons to WikiFoundry red, removed overbearing gradients, added new "active" and "hover states"
- Removed gradient background from dialogue boxes
- Removed excess border-bottom on profile tabs
- Changed table header backgrounds from gradient to dark grey (#333333)
- Site banners are now centred
- Fixed-width sites now have rounded corners at the top-left and top-right corners of their site banners
- There is now a margin between fixed-width pages and the top bar

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