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Added by SCORPiON@userstyles, Created: Jul 26, 2014, Updated: Jul 26, 2014
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Well, Curse again did some really "awesome" changes on their sites, like their forum or the repository of mods. They were that awesome, they... Nah, not here.

What does this style?

• It widens the visibility
• Hides places for ads (Still recommend Adblock, because hiding isn't blocking and so you will still notice some heavy lag - thanks to Curse.com for including a bunch of craploading javascripts!)
• Fixes oversized avatars
• Fixes oversized images
• Fixes annoying long full-quotes (You still can scroll through, but the overview won't get destroyed anymore)
• Fixes annoying long posts, since most users won't use the spoiler-button (Same method like before)
• Many more things.

What does this style NOT do?

• Annoy you with fancy new graphics
• Switching things that were not necessary
• Brew a cup of coffee ;)

More info
I can't guarantee maintaining this style, because am really worried about Curse.com. They now mean, javascript is there for all things. It isn't! God damnit, it's a board. Also worried about the stupid users, ignoring rules and common sense.

I'll try to keep it alive as good as I can, but no promises.

No screenshots. Why? Simple: Userstyles requires me to bring the screenshots to <200KB. Impossible, since I hate cropping them down for nothing. Get yourself the script and decide.

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