UP Diliman CRS Dark Maroons

Added by JeMhUnTeR, Created: Aug 05, 2014, Updated: Dec 20, 2014


A dark theme for the UP Diliman CRS web page. Consists mainly of #111, #9C090D, and the university colors (#391009 and #014421) .

http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/open-sans for best viewing experience.

Found a bug or any element that looks off? Email them to me for faster response.
jeromeindefenzo[ @ ]gmail.com

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GMT+8, 20 December 2014, 20:03
Update schedule conflict colors to a darker shade of brown/maroon instead of red.

GMT+8, 20 December 2014, 19:32
Style is now generally responsive on small browser screens, although not responsive enough for mobile viewing. Any issues with fluidity could be reported through my email.

GMT+8, 14 December 2014, 20:53
Fix content width for (just a little bit) more responsiveness on small-width screens/views.

GMT+8, 14 December 2014, 20:26
Fix color of conflicting schedules on-hover effect on the preenlistment module. Fix tooltip bg color.

GMT+8, 14 December 2014, 15:07
Fix color of announcement module spans with override text color.

GMT+8, 08 December 2014, 12:08
Fix colors of conflicting schedules.

GMT+8, 08 December 2014, 11:26
Fix colors of announcements panel on homepage.

GMT+8, 08 December 2014, 10:14
Rename theme.

GMT+8, 24 November 2014, 12:35
Fix SET table suquestion colors.

GMT+8, 18 November 2014, 12:02

GMT+8, 18 November 2014, 11:34
Fix SET page table on-hover colors.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 20:31
Override clear-filter link colors.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 07:13
Added fallback fonts.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 06:56
Various text shadow additions. Too lazy to update the screenshots again.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 06:22
Updated screenshots.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 06:08
Update content spacing and header border. Fix Course Catalog letter links. Replaced "Page Not Yet Fully Loaded" with a loading GIF animation.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 05:33
Replaced GIF message box icons with PNG icons.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 05:18
Student Profile form input colors finally done.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 05:06
Header text redesign and fixes. Next up is really going to be Student Profile form input colors.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 04:50
Several fixes and improvements. Updated schedule search form items. Updated button styles. Content width fixes. This style is now usable and is releasable to public for general use. Next up is Student Profile form input colors.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 04:15
Fix info box icons. Still haven't found the .success-msg boxes, so I couldn't fix those yet.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 04:01
Fix clearance management page. Modified the Clearance Application Process pic to be a bit more readable. Form table color fixes.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 03:48
Updated style description. Added link to Open Sans font.

GMT+8, 06 August 2014, 03:40
Initial release.

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