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Added by aka hateradio@userstyles, Created: Dec 19, 2008, Updated: Mar 30, 2012
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re:GAF, a user style for NeoGAF

This is a complete overhaul of the vBulletin forum style for NeoGAF.

This skin is curved in browsers that support border-radius, uses Arial instead of Verdana, is re-colorized, changes reply/new thread images, and adds mouse hover to read spoiler text (no need to highlight).

If there are any bugs please post them (send PM to hateradio in neoGAF), also any CSS supplements welcome.

For those with lower resolutions, NeoGAF Fixed Width Auxiliary For re:GAF can be added to fix the forum's width.

For more stuff, look at my userscripts page.

More info
*** N O T I C E ***

This style has not and does not remove ads.

Although there have been two other themes added to userstyles based on this one, I would like it no one tweak this theme and redistributes it. You can modify this theme for your own needs, for your own use, but do not share it without asking first.

*** Screen-shot is of version 1.2 ***

*** Change Log Since Version 0.93 ***

1.6 / 1.61
- Changes for new tab
- New avatar design
- New quote design

- Patches for GAF's changes

- Several fixes
- Changes to link colors
- Compatibility with Quick Quote, Reply, and Edit (QQRE5) (

- I added some changes for Chrome/Opera
-- Usernames shall now appear as they should.
--- The username link, however, spans about 400px.

- Link's borders have been replaced with backgrounds
- Few other fixes.

- Width fixes

- New header
- New footer
- Fixes for new 100-pixel-width avatars.

Changes the New Thread/Post Reply
Changes the tab colors
Puts top tabs back on top of the forum threads

Changes the "Gaming Off-Topic Online" Links
Fixes some other issues

Since neoGAF has changed its "skin" recently, there have been a few things that were broken on this skin
This version tries to fix a few of those things, but is not complete.
"Fixes" and changes for the new forum template modification
Thinner borders

Changed various elements to position absolute/relative: bigusername, its parent element, post titles
Brought back post titles in individual posts, they are positioned to the right
Usernames no longer wrap around, they are always in one line
Changed border from dotted to solid

Changed [CODE] display box style
Fixed PM Forward link
Changed Search results display

A more logo-derived color scheme added though icons
New look for the Reply/Quote/Edit

Changed post font size to 13px
Added border-bottom to links in posts

Once again changed the Reply / Quote / Edit links
Changed User stuff further to the left
Made hr link and username's line touch (However, long usernames break lines)
Individual post titles are hidden
Removed the border around user tags, made them bold
Removed negative indent on dates

Removed Image "resize" in posts, placed as separate style sheet (neoGAF - Post Image Re-size & Hover)
Changed the color/border of the user title in posts
Made quote/reply/edit "buttons" same width as avatar

Reconfigured the code for the Edit/Quote/Reply and similar PM items; Arial in more places; user titles are changed, and edit date hides the open parentheses.

Different colors, and new Edit/Quote/Reply "buttons" in the thread view.

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