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Added by Mark Phillips@userstyles, Created: Sep 07, 2014, Updated: Jan 24, 2017
– priority level 1
–––– border
– priority level 2
–––– border
– priority level 3
–––– border
– priority level 4
–––– border
EXTERNAL LINKS - userdefined
– external link color
– email link color
– time due color
– time overdue color
– task counter overdue
– task counter opacity (1-9)
INSPIRATION (tweet, karma score etc)
FONTS: Font Family
– font size (main)
– font size (headers)
– font weight
TOP BAR - user-defined
– top bar color
– top bar bottom border
MAIN COLORS: Main background
– vertical nav and content lines
– navigation background
– hover color (main item)
– hover color (navigation item)
– selected item (navigation)
– main area text
– navigation text
– days header text (with tasks)
– accent color (search box, tick box etc.)
– days header text (without tasks)


TODOIST ADVANCED will override the latest 851 version of Todoist in Chrome or Firefox desktop browsers.

On Android devices, this userstyle can be used with the Stylish extension on Firefox.

Preconfigured SKINS (n=11) make choosing a color scheme easy (includes dark, light, grey & colorful skins).

Todoist Advanced also provides a settings panel for individually changing colors, page width, priority labels/+ label shapes, fonts, font-sizes, font-colors, empty dates, etc.

See NOTES and CHANGE LOG for more information. Added a donate button. Remember to update style after recent Stylish Chrome addon upgrade.


More info
NOTES: This Chrome and Firefox add-on modifies the browser versions of Todoist ::: The icons in the top bar can be set to either dark or light by choosing Neutral or Noir from the Todoist theme settings, respectively.

If you save a bookmark for Todoist, remember to update the version number in the URL (currently 851).

In some color settings, you have to click inside the color box and then click back out to see the exact user-defined color. Thereafter, modify as normal with the color picker.

If you ever have a problem with Todoist Advanced, first check to see if there is an update available, or just drop me a line here at the bottom of the page in the comments.

Enjoy the freedom to create your own look for Todoist.


24.01.2017 Fixed the date prediction icon and text color for suggested dates on the dark themes (Midnight and Dusk). Some of their CSS stylings on the assigning pop up are shabby, will clean up little by little in the next week.

18.01.2017 Fixed a few new dark icons in the dark themes Midnight and Dusk, so now they are bright against the dark background. Modified silver skin colours a bit.

07.01.2017 Changed the spacing for the priority labels, since Todoist have added space for their new flag icons.

01.01.2017 On Midnight theme I took away the white lines in the projects drop down menu when assigning a task to a project. Looks tidier.

01.11.2016 For some reason, a chunk of code on the Midnight theme had disappeared from what was saved to For anyone newly trying to set Midnight as the theme, it would not have worked. As it's impossible to save the style with this huge chunk of code missing, it remains a mystery as to how the stylesheet got corrupted. But, it's fixed now. Thanks to Tim for the heads up!

29.06.2016 Recent changes have changed the way you add a task to a project (new icon), but the pop box is very small, especially if you have quite a lot of projects. I've put a min height of 500 px, which hopefully serves most people. Let me know if it's too much.

20.04.2016 I added a time stamp due color field, so that when you are using the time due color to quickly identify a task schedule, you can also clearly see when an item is now overdue. Default color = red.

15.03.2016 Fixed 3rd level projects' rollover color bug. Also fixed it so that dark themes don't override the COUNTER color setting. Basically this is now set independently of themes in its own setting at the bottom of the settings.

06.03.2016 Updated the 'zero tasks' night time settings. Previously, the daytime settings for sizes for 'zero tasks' were fine, but night time, the annoying huge graphic reappears. This has now been added to the mod, so that if you resize for 'no more tasks image', it will apply also during the evening.

12.02.2016 The 'empty tasks image' resizing/removal should be working again now.

09.02.2013 After fixing the placeholder on the Dusk theme yesterday (i.e. removing the annoying prompts), it seems they've all disappeared today. Nevertheless, I went ahead and created an option for users to switch them off, in case they decide to creep back in. I also noticed that they changed the all tasks image to an SVG file, which makes resizing it a little more complicated. I'll look into that in the coming days. So that function isn't currently working as it used to.

08.02.2013 I removed that annoying 'placeholder' text when you add a new task. Who needs to be prompted to "get pastries at 9 on Sun" ffs? I'm busy today, but in the coming days, I'll make that a proper on/off option for all the themes.

03.02.2016 Added a 'time due' color option. Default is orange to highlight visibility for due times. Feel free to change.

08.12.2015 Added option to remove the 'tweet' message with tasks completed and karma score text, just below ENJOY YOUR DAY message when tasks are completed. The option is called INSPIRATION, though not many will be inspired by that clutter. :)

02.11.2015 The secure host that stores my custom images changed their folder system, thus messing up the custom images for things like priority flags etc. All URLs now updated and working fine. I'll keep an eye on this in case there are any other problems with it.

28.10.2015 Fixed external link icon disappeared.

26.10.2015 Fixed problem with scroll bars disappearing on 'wide' setting. Thanks to Laurent for the heads up for that.?

23.10.2015 Fixed email in task link color being black on all themes. I added a color setting for this, with the default set to same blue as external link, but it can be styled differently. Will not override label colors, as was the problem before. Fixed 'tear' icon (now it's straight on Chrome) and added 'shell' icon for priority labels. Carbon Fiber theme has been updated (darkened to a 'grey' theme). Anyone who really liked the old version, let me know and I'll add the old version back under its own name. I've also re-jigged the top bar settings, so that basically there are no presets for the Themes, so you either choose Todoist's own top bar colors from their menu settings, or you choose the override in Todoist Advanced and set it to your own liking based on your chosen theme or colors.

21.10.2015 For some reason, user-defined Top Bar colors didn't seem to work, so the code has been revised and it appears to be working okay now.

20.10.2015 Removed Logo/avatar modification, as it wasn't an easy mod with the new top bar layout they have, and custom avatar resizing therefore didn't work properly. I'll look into other ways to customize the look with a logo, perhaps as the NO MORE TASKS image (been playing with this already).

19.10.2015 Removed label colors so that users can define as normal. But did keep the formatting of external link color, as this is useful to define differently to normal tasks in addition to the link icon so you can easily identify things you've added from the web. If you want the same color as your normal tasks, use the setting to chose the color that suits you. Thanks again Scott ?

18.10.2015 Fixed the extra spaces on the labels (but still kept it on ext links to make space for icon). Cheers Pablo for the heads up. Added a new switch and color setting for labels/external links. Switch it to ON to override the THEME defaults, and choose your own color from the setting beneath the switch. Thanks to Scott for the feedback!

12.10.2015 Fixed new 'inspiration' text for NO MORE TASKS (particularly for dark themes) and also added a custom icon for the Tweet link.

09.10.2015 Tweaked the Silver theme, made it more of a 'contrast' theme.

08.10.2015 Added an option to remove NO TASKS image entirely. Thanks to Stark for the feedback. Added a user-defined override for the priority label colors and flags; Switch to ON to use the user-defined colors. Thanks to Scott for the feedback. Added an external link icon for links added via the web.

03.10.2015 Fixed wide-screen settings so that Todoist Chrome addon is now compatible (yeeees, finally!). Changed default color of top bar away from white, which hides white icons like 'add task'. Thanks to Beth for pointing that out. Added a new field for 'task counter overdue', which just adds red (default) color to the task counter number if there is an overdue item there. Added a switch to switch off/on the Todoist Top Bar color setting. Fixed counter colors (they'd stopped working).

26.9.2015 Fixed 'attachment' icon being too dark to see in the Task Notes pane on the two dark themes. Also brightened up the other icons a touch too just on the dark themes. Reversed color scheme on Midnight theme. I think it's better, but if you prefer the old, I can add two alternative versions of the Midnight. Let me know in the commenting at the bottom.

25.9.2015 Added a new 4-color option to the priority labels: Red-Yellow-Blue-Green, that uses the final 'no priority' label to add an extra color. Added a new option for reducing the size of the No More Tasks For Today image (Large, medium and small, with large being the normal size).

23.9.2015 Added a new width function to widen the layout on widescreen monitors if desired. Corrected for logo and search box location in wide format.

21.9.2015 Added new Top Bar color option (and bottom border) to override Todoist top bar theme colors. Cleaned up themes after recent changes. Set top bar colors and tweaked hover colors etc on themes. Jazzed up the Leather theme :D

18.09.2015 Added off-white transitions to the :hover for priority labels. Removed D-shape. Wanted to have Pacman, but couldn't get it working. Will keep trying though :D

17.09.2015 Created a new setting to choose 1 of 4 shapes for priority labels (circle, square, leaf, and D-shape). Restricted logo to max height of 27 to fit new version.

03.09.2015 Added Red-Blue-Green to priority colors. Fixed date color on dark theme Notes box and also background color and textarea for Note box.

24.08.2015 Added 'hide empty dates' to settings page.

23.08.2015 Fixed the problem of a few stylesheet elements not taking priority over inherited styles. In other words, no more white boxes in the menus on the dark themes. Thanks to Hideheader for the fix and explanation.

18.08.2015 Hosted external image sprites on a secure SSL server (httpsimage)

18.08.2015 Added purple/blue/green as an option on the Priority labels menu, to complement the red/yellow/green and the default (red/darkblue/lightblue).

18.08.2015 Fed up waiting for Todoist to clean up their image sprites, so Todoist Advanced is now loading a clean image sprite externally. This basically gives nicer browser zoom, with almost no ghosting around icons.

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