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This will move chatter from above a record to the right side of the record creating a sidebar for Chatter. I recommend using the collapsible sidebar with this to save space.

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-- Install Instructions --

For those who do not work with me and need this to apply to your org take a look at the regexp in the style and change this to something which matches the pages you want it on.
Optionally you can uncomment the first two regexp lines for it to apply to all detail pages within Salesforce.

-- Version Information --

4.0 - Case feed view widened

3.2 - Added more objects

3.1 - Added a few more objects

3.0 - Many changes in order to better isolate the specific divs which needs to be resized in order to not overlap or conflict in any way with the chatter sidebar or native Salesforce behavior.

2.1 - Added wrapping of long URLs this will now force any URLs on pages this applies to wrap to only 600px. Some browsers (Firefox) do not wrap URLs under certain conditions and the sidebar can cut them off if they are not wrapped.

2.0 - Updated to work on more objects within Salesforce and allow for easy addition of other objects. Also added the Hide/Show button back to allow for the feed to be shown again if hidden before the sidebar is activated. Finally hid the tags from the hide/show bar as this was causing aesthetic issues if tags were present.

1.3 - Updated minimum widths to removed any horizontal scrolling at screen widths down to 1280px which still showing the left sidebar.

1.2 - Updated to only effect detail pages and to only resize related lists under detail sections.

1.0 - This has been updated to now work on all Salesforce Pages and includes some fixes for smaller window sizes.

0.5 - This is still a work in progress and I will continue to build upon this as this is something I use everyday myself.

Applies to:
.*(na|cs).*\.force\.com/.*id.(001|003|006|500|00Q|a0u|a2c|a2Y|01t|0Q0|a4V|a4U|a5c|a5U|a5a|a5W|a3v|a5K|a5G|a5Y|a5V|a5R|a5X|a5U|a5P|a5N|a5O|a6r|a6f|a76|aAU|aAc|a5C|a5D|a3Y|a3W|a5M)[a-zA-Z0-9_]{12,15}.*, .*(na|cs).*\.salesforce\.com/(001|003|006|500|00Q|a0u|a2c|a2Y|01t|0Q0|a4V|a4U|a5c|a5U|a5a|a5W|a3v|a5K|a5G|a5Y|a5V|a5R|a5X|a5U|a5P|a5N|a5O|a6r|a6f|a76|aAU|aAc|a5C|a5D|a3Y|a3W|a5M)[a-zA-Z0-9_]{12,15}.*, .*(na|cs).*\.salesforce\.com/\_ui/core/chatter/ui/ChatterPage
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