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Everything you need to know immediately is in the code. Originally when Personas without Personas was made, Glasser was a big deal and these stock theme mods that made "Full glass" possible caused issues with Personas, so it was created with intent to use a "Persona" or browser skin, more technically with Glasser mods.

These days we have GlassMyFox, and even after five years we still have these issues, which is why this style exists; To not just do the same fix over again, but to optimize it, and make it easier for people to modify.

More info
I made a style a long time ago called Personas without Personas. It was a complete failure and I am surprised that over 500 people installed it. So I made this with my enhanced knowledge of CSS in light of GlassMyFox still causing issues with using personas as a long-overdue updated and enhanced version that uses less code, and causes less fuss.

12/02/13 Added a section for fixes specific for or for the lack of certain addons. Earlier it was a fix for Tab Scope only, but the :not pseudo-class likes to mess with the bottom toolbars for some reason.

Use notes
Tab Scope
I included a "Fix" for Tab Scope that disabled the background from being aplied to the Tab Scope toolbar in each tab. If on the other hand you want the opposite behavior, apply the background element as so:

It works surprisingly well.

Tile Tabs
Set active tile border to 0 if you do not want the background cut by the inactive tile border.

01/09/14 Modified the notes in the code, nothing more. If you are already using this style, back your code up and update or ignore the update.

03/26/14 Sorry for people using this style, forgot completely about /*AGENT_SHEET*/. It works once again!

03/26/14 Small fix to reposition a misplaced bracket. Also, more notes in this section

If you are still committing to the older Personas without Personas, then before using this, transfer your images and text settings and disable the older version of this style prior to upgrading.

Much thanks to Sinine for his Colorful Fractal persona, replace with whatever image you want to use per instructions in the code.

Since GMF already has its own text color settings, I figured I would include them as inactive code for non-users of GlassMyFox to enable at will. Do mind that you may have to modify it to only affect either certain toolbars or elements within those toolbars.

Make tweaks and changes as necessary, and most importantly, have fun. Provide feedback if I goofed up somewhere and I'll credit you in the style.

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