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Revert the CSS changes on photosets, restore 500px, 10px image margins, etc. Making everything else 500px when I can manage it.

Honestly I don't mind the new look (they're trying to match it with iOS app), though I prefer the older margins.

I just object to upscaling existing photosets that were crafted to look right in tumblr at the time they were made. Tumblr really should have just added checks on the original image width, leaving the CSS alone if images are exactly 500px, 245px, or 160px. When images have those widths you know the post and its images were made to look right at only those dimensions. Downscaling to accomodate smaller screens makes sense. Upscaling 500px photosets is just, no... don't do it.

More info
Supposedly tumblr has fixed / is fixing the 540px resizing issues, but I'm still maintaining this as long as I can keep up, because their new 4px margins make some old photosets (made w/ 10px margins in mind) look dumb.

02/03 - hide the (new?) recommended blogs 2x2 grid card posts
01/25 - video resize (540x720)
01/04 - video resizes
12/21 - more video resizes. wonder if i should just add all resizes +/-10px from known/typical movie & screen aspect ratios
12/16 - video fixes. still need to cleanup the css a bit more, weed out selector redundancies, etc

12/04 - more video resizes

11/30 - fixed issue with 2-img and 3-img rows wrapping improperly when a blog is being viewed in the right-side sliding preview panel

11/23 - red bg inbox notification count

11/18 - 20px margin on spotify player

11/17 - yahoo video applet is stupid. the applet doesnt have resolution in css so the best I could do is to just set all iframes to max-width 500px. Honestly better off adding "yahoo" to tumblr savior and just skipping all yahoo content forever. Yahoo is delusional if they think they could ever compete with youtube or even vines.

11/16 - non-embed video links ("Watch on [sometumblr]" text link with video icon) -> 20px margin

11/14 - more video resolutions for 540px -> 500px

11/12 - single image posts were missing margins, fixed? tweaked 500px single-image-post flipcards, still need to find a flipcard photoset though

11/11 - fixed link posts in search results (narrow columns), i think. seems link posts in search results columns use html5's article element while link posts in dashboard entries still use just divs. so for search results i'm using "article div.link_button" as a selector.

11/09 - 500px tumblr videos, 500px youtube embeds. if you find a video that displays weird i probably just havent seen that particular video proportion yet, send me an ask with the tumblr in question if so. The most common culprit is when people upload whacked vertical videos from their phone.
11/09 - added flipcard support (those images that flip over with EXIF data when you click on the italic "i")

11/08 - link posts: changed div.link_button.clickable to just div.link_button selector

11/04 - music player: fixed the no-album-art version

11/03 - music player: version w/ album art updated, should work better though there's still a weird temporary height shift when hitting play the 1st time

11/01 - 500px instagram video/slideshow embeds (assuming they're all the same initial size, i've only seen one embed so far)
11/01 - 500px vine videos

10/31 - red notification count at topbar
10/31 - back to 500px: image rows (10px frames), link posts
10/31 - tumblr media player: players without artwork might be bugged, comment out the appropriate section if so. will update when i can but not inclined to go hunting for such player to test against
10/31 - added comments to help me keep track of spaghetti code
10/31 - i know, it's ugly CSS code, will try to cleanup redundant selectors, sorry, it's been years since I last touched any CSS.
10/31 - on any image row, if the original image was smaller than 500px, 245px (2-wide), or 160px (3-wide), the image will be stretched proportionately. I believe this was the behavior prior to the tumblr update.
10/31 - 500px bandcamp widget, soundcloud widget (500PX ALL THE THINGS ZOMG "RESTORE 500PX 2014")
10/31 - larger elevator (arrow to return to top) icon

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