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Tired of the same chat style over the years? Want one more minimalist? Do you like the chat design of Messenger Chat? Here it is all in one!
>Tested on Chrome, Firefox and Opera April 2016.<

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This Style Includes:

- White tabs
- Custom tab highlights
- Custom bubble colores
- Rounded profile pictures on chats
- Totaly redesigned "Messages Tab"
- Custom "Writing" animated icon, "Loading old messages" animation and "Uploading Image" Progress bar
- And more!

Hope you like it!

/* ---- Warning! boring stuff! ---- */

Current Version: 3.0.3
Change Log:
Version 1.1
- Fixed the roundness of the profile picture when the other people is "writing".
Version 1.2
- Height of blue bubble adjusted
- Top shadow is now lighter
- Code clean up
Version 1.3
- Fixed a bug which was rounding the attached images in the gray side
- Uploading attached images restyled
- The background color of the cross to cancel the sending of images has been adjusted
- The size of the bubbles containing attached images has been adjusted
Version 1.4
- Open and collapsed tabs now highlight normally
- Border on collapsed tabs fixed
- Color of the cross to close in a highlighted tab fixed
Version 1.5 - Super Update!
- Tab's highlight has been changed to be more subtle
- Messages Tab is now totaly redesigned to look more like Messenger's one
- The "Loading old messages" animation has been changed
- Now the "Writing" bubble is animated
Version 1.6
- The gray of the dots on "Writing" animation has been adjusted
- Time format of the message on chats has been changed
- "Seen" on chats has been changed for one thinner
- Now the theme is more compatible with other themes
Version 1.7
- The top of the messages window has been redesigned for when "Mark all as read" appears and force the text to separate into two lines in languages like Spanish Portuguese French and German among others
- The "New Message" blue gradient on the messages window now is lighter
Version 2.0 - Stable Version
- The code has been compacted
- Counter of new messages on collapsed tabs restilyzed
- For now the final stable version! there is not much to polish, but the style will continue in continuous development fixing bugs and other stuff!

Version 2.0.5 - Hotfix
- Corrupted close icon fixed as well as the blue bubble arrow.
- Minor bug solved in the "Find Friends" page.
Version 2.1 - Hotfix
- Facebook changed again the background position of the icons in the chat. fixed.
Version 2.1.5 - Hotfix
- Fixed some bugs from the newest uptate from Facebook.
Version 2.2
- After a busy personal time, i could finally fix some of the bugs that were born with the latest facebook update, hopefully i will fix it all in a short time.
- New animations on New Messages Tab hovers
- All chat icons fixed
Version 2.2.1
- All icons fixed AGAIN
Version 2.2.2
- Same Thing!
Version 3.0
- The Icons's problem permanently solved.
- Bubbles for images corrected
- Design tweaks due to changes in the application.
- The custom messages tab is now working as supposed again.
Version 3.0.1
- New typing bubble
- Minor bugs fixed
Version 3.0.2
- All resourses are now in an https server to ensure the correct display in webkit browsers
- Phone icon added
- Typing bubble fixed
Version 3.0.3
- Bug Fix (4-2016)

NOTE: This Style ONLY modifies the chat tabs, the messages windows and the chatlist itself.

Compatibility: Any highly modified theme which includes the modification of the chat, will conflict with this theme and will cause the chat style to not display properly.

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