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Added by ainsley grey@userstyles, Created: Jan 01, 2015, Updated: Jan 01, 2015
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text size?
allow caps?
allow bold text?
allow italic text?


(really this is very small & super basic- it's just a few lines of css to alter some things like text size, whether or not to italicize text, etc. things like that.)

More info
release 1.0

so, yeah. this is a miniature css kit for accessibility on tumblr blogs. it should work on the majority of tumblr-based blogs out there, but please let me know if you run into any bugs or errors.

most urls should be supported, including all domains that end in .tumblr.com (say, for example, http://stereotypicalpsycho.tumblr.com which is my main blog's url at the moment), and many other popular free domain extensions as well.

currently supported domains:

currently supported domain extensions:

if you have any more domain extensions you'd like me to add, or other questions, bugs to report, comments, or concerns, you can message me http://hinatahyu.ga, or via milky@asterisms.net!

Applies to:
(https?://(?!www)(.*)\.tumblr\.com?)|https?://(.*)\.god\.jp?|(https?://(.*)(\.co\.nf|\.biz\.ly|\.cu\.cc|\.co\.nr|\.cc\.cc|\.cf|\.ml|\.gq|\.ga|\.co\.vu|\.tk).), tumblr.com

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