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Added by XJDHDR@userstyles, Created: Jul 05, 2015, Updated: May 18, 2016
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This style is a fork of "" created by owoc@userstyles. It is applied to all webpages and it's purpose is the same as the original style: save battery on AMOLED displays and/or reduce eye strain in low light.

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This style was forked from "Global Black for AMOLED displays" ( created by owoc@userstyles. It is identical to the original style with the following changes:
- My style applies itself to some of Firefox's internal pages (about:* and chrome:*) as well as Mozilla's addons website whereas the original style disable itself on these sites.
- The original style renders text as white-on-black and hyperlinks are rendered in either blue or purple. My style renders the text in red and hyperlinks in green (with selected hyperlinks rendered in lime-green).

The main reason for the second change is that text rendered in red should hypothetically use less battery power than white, since red text means that each character only lights up the red pixels in an AMOLED display whereas white characters light up the red, green and blue pixels. This effectively means that white text uses about 3x more battery power than red text (though this is offset by the fact that only a small percentage of the screen is used for rendering text at a time).

On my BlackBerry Z30, web pages using this style are readable in average indoor lighting and even outdoors too with the screen set to lowest brightness, assuming minimal reflections on the screen. You may need to increase the brightness if your screen has reflection problems or is not as bright as the BB Z30's screen.

Please note that this style is designed to be used with the mobile version of Firefox. I can't provide support or guarantee error-free operation for use of this style with the desktop version.

This style is also usable in darkness without noticeable eye strain though I would recommend my Dark Red style instead if you want a style suitable for dark conditions:

- Updated Google Maps exception to also apply on non-USA versions of the website (ie:, etc).
- Added exception for OpenStreetMap.

Initial release.

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Applies to:
^(?!(https*:\/\/www\.google\.co(m|\...)\/maps|https*:\/\/(nominatim|www)\.openstreetmap\.org\/)).*, about:blank

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