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Added by NHansen@userstyles, Created: May 03, 2009, Updated: Nov 17, 2016


A clean, attractive, dark recolor of Ease your eyes with dark greys, blacks, and soothing purples. LAST UPDATED: NOV 17, 2016

  1. This code works for both AND
  2. This code WILL be updated each time the pertaining sites are updated.
  3. The colors used in this style are on the bottom of the "after" preview image.
  4. Coded in Firefox + Chrome for Stylish.

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If you have questions or concerns, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

I recommend using an extension like Ad Blocker (for Firefox) or uBlock (for Chrome) on top of this style for the best results, else some ads will NOT be removed.



NOV 17, 2016 -
[1.6.2] 1. Fixed incorrect hover color on profile Community tab.
MAY 02, 2016 -
[1.6.1] 1. Minor change to ad removal code. Missing entries in story lists should now be present. (Please alert me to any other missing elements when this style is active.)
MAR 25, 2016 -
[1.6.0] 1. Scrapped former ad removal code; no longer relevant.
2. Removed horizontal top banner and vertical story browsing ads.
3. Styled PM area.
4. Other minor aesthetic fixes.

MAR 26, 2014 -
[1.5.9] 1. Added tabs on profile page to style.
2. Colored the "sort" links on profile pages for better visibility.
3. Added pointer cursors to javascript areas like the "hide/show bio" option.
4. Corrected white borders at the base of story tables, they are now gray.
MAR 23, 2014 -
[1.5.8] 1. Quick fix to the follow/favorite dialog, making the +Favorite and +Follow text visible.
NOV 12, 2013 -
[1.5.7] 1. Quick color fix to the category text, which was displaying with a white background within story pages.NOV 10, 2013 -
[1.5.6] 1. Fixed the little story appearance (font size, line height, font face, etc) bar. Also added a small background to the container so the icons are more visible.
2. A few miscellaneous bug fixes (mostly appearance: white backgrounds on hover, etc) and elimination of deprecated code. I'll do a more thorough cleaning when I have more time.OCTOBER 25, 2013 -
[1.5.5] 1. Made a slight fix to the ad blocker. It eliminates the ads beneath the top navigation, but the square ads near the review area seem to be hit and miss.JUNE 06, 2013 -
[1.5.4] 1. Quick fix to the drop-down in the review area that had a blue background for the link mouse over.MARCH 30, 2013 -
[1.5.3] 1. Made a few general updates, including fixing the black text in the new Follow/Favorite area.MARCH 21, 2013 -
[1.5.1] 1. Fixed the new Follow/Favorite feature in the review area. It's now themed.
[1.5.2] 2. Added support for the changes on the mobile site (might be incomplete).MARCH 20, 2013 -
[1.5.0] 1. Major overhaul of the code for the sudden FFNET site update. If I missed anything--aside from the Twitter area, that will be fixed soon--please let me know in the comment section! I'll clean it up more (and get rid of redundancies) when I have more time.DECEMBER 03, 2012 -
1. Replaced the adblocker with BullFrog@userstyles's (because I'm absolute crap at using attribute selectors, eek). Thanks, bro. This should fix the little bug where the guideline acceptance div was disappearing.SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 -
1. Updated adblocker for ads showing at the base of pages.
2. Updated coding for fanfiction mobile.SEPTEMBER 03, 2012 -
1. Updated the adblocker.AUGUST 16, 2012 -
1. Fixed the white horizontal rule. Thanks, luckymouse.AUGUST 07, 2012 -
1. Added support for the "Fake Links" in Profiles for outside URLs. They should display like ordinary links and the warning dialog that shows up should be properly themed.
2. Finished the remaining styling of the Twitter plug-in on the index page. Changed the text to a light grey for better visibility.JULY 11, 2012 -
1. Added support for the FFnet/Fiction Press homepage twitter section thingy.
2. Got rid of the latent white bar from the advertising area on Fiction Press.
3. Minor update to style colors; less contrast between the borders and background to ensure less distraction from reading. Input areas still retain brighter borders so they can be easily found.
4. Added nearly-black background to the main content wrapper.
5. Added style support for profile page My Story/Favorites/etc. area.JUNE 27, 2012 -
1. Updated the style for the new comment box that's replaced the review button.JUNE 18, 2012 -
1. Fixed the padding error that was giving users a horizontal scrollbar.
2. Got rid of the new ad-area div that was giving users an ugly white bar underneath the menus.MAY 11, 2012 -
1. The new review button now fits the color scheme.
2. Fixed the appearance of some sorting links in the login area.
3. Removed obsolete code.MARCH 06, 2012 -
1. Quick fix of the top menu bar. Certain window sizes were causing the links to overlap. Added definitive padding value to fix it.FEBURARY 03, 2012 -
1. Note: As of 2012, this style is STILL being supported.

2009-2011 Changelog omitted.

- The LIGHT/DARK themes for do not work when using this style (not that you'd need them; you're downloading this for a reason).

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