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You looking for the best theme without bugs? Thats it, most completed and optimized theme for YouTube u can find. But you are lucky, and you found it! (ARC)

Install Shadow 'n' Blue theme now>
~Firefox and Chrome compatibility
(but u still can install on other browsers)

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Feel free to report bugs and suggestions :)
Include screenshot!

Some people may have new youtube layout, my theme is not working with it at this moment, if u have new, clear cookies to restore default layout.
Version 1.05 Final (update 20)
-live chat themed (beta)
-themed new areas
-fixed search icon in history
-fixed "comments history" section
-fixed badges (NEW, HD, LIVE, CHANNEL)
-fixed black arrow in the search results
-temporary fixed "cannot monetize" icon position (broken by youtube)
-changed color to blue on channel names in the search result
Version 1.05 Final (update 19)
-creators studio color changes
-partner section themed
-acount status themed
-features themed
-copyright notification themed
-dolar symbol color fixed from the movie store
Version 1.05 Final (update 18)
-creators studio blue icons and color improvements
-channels spacing fixed
-show everything button fixed
-little fixes
Version 1.05 Final (update 17)
-improved creators studio (blue icons in future)
-"play all" button fixed
Version 1.05 Final (update 16) [1 year birthday]
-tested theme on many browsers - WORKING WELL
-blue subscribe buttons
-no more round avatars in notifications
-fixed font colors
Version 1.05 Final (update 15)
-better movie description
-fixed white borders on screen keyboard
-scrollbar themed *chrome only for now*
Version 1.05 Final (update 14b)
-fixed 1px white line below thumbnails on firefox
-notification text color fix
-like and dislike colors fixed
-copyright request colors fixed
-translation icon themed
-other color fixes
Version 1.05 Final (update 14)
-channel playlist fix
Version 1.05 Final (update 13)
-new author comment badge fix
-other browsers now show theme version
Version 1.05 Final (update 12)
-verified icon fix
Version 1.05 Final (update 11)
-chrome now is showing theme version
-little fixes
Version 1.05 Final (update 10)
-fixed uploading section
Version 1.05 Final (update 09)
-minor fix
Version 1.05 Final (update 08)
-almost finished video editor
Version 1.05 Final (update 07)
-live chat themed (outdated)
-minor fixes
-patched unthemed areas
-removed some of useless code
Version 1.05 Final (update 06)
-'play all' button fixed
-themed white borders
Version 1.05 Final (update 05)
-blue player color included
-font select
Version 1.05 Final (update 04)
-minor fixes for youtube changes
Version 1.05 Final (update 03)
-new comment window, color and height fix
-avatars fix
Version 1.05 Final (update 02)
-patched unthemed areas
-fixed youtube bugs - playlist edit buttons
Version 1.05 Final (update 01)
-fixed comment section colors
-youtube changes - theme fixed

Version 1.05 Final Upgrades
~library colors fix
~patched unthemed areas
~working on video editor

Version 1.05 Final
- finished 99,91%
- finished audio library theme
- fixed video like color on chrome
- upgrades, fixes, improvements

Version 1.04 Update 3
- fixed youtube bugs!
- fixed cut text bug under reply button
- added missing things
- improved code
- new like\dislike colors
Version 1.04 Update 2
- improved reply visibility
- beautified
Version 1.04 Update 1
- bugfixes
- optimized for new youtube comments
- youtube changed something and broke theme *FIXED

Version 1.04
- finished 99.8%
- improvements
- fixed many things

Version 1.03 Update 3
- finished 99.6%
- screen keyboard theme
- smooth blue load bar
- no more circle avatar in login site
- hotfixes and improvements
Version 1.03 Update 2
- finished 99.4%
- fixed few things
Version 1.03 Update 1
- new upgrades
- no more circled avatar
- more readable
- fixes

Version 1.03
- important changes
- fixed many bugs
- finished 99%

Version 1.02
- simple fixes
- finished 96%

Version 1.01
- huge fixes
- new theme code way, more optimized
- finished 94%

Version 1.00
- better than default
- shadow 'n' blue colors
- finished 85%

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