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Dark theme for Trakt.tv - Switch off the lights on Trakt.tv and browse Trakt.tv in nighttime mode. [has AD blocking]

For bug reports, open an issue or submit a pull request on https://github.com/JourneyOver/Userstyles/tree/gh-pages/trakt_tv/trakt_tv_dark/Style

Alternatively, copy-pasta the styles from Trakt.tv-Dark_Theme.css into a new userstyle. Be sure to specify that it apply to sites beginning with https://trakt.tv/

More info
Since I do not have VIP I am unable to change anything for VIP Sections.

V 2.4.9
~Tidy code a little bit
-Plan to rewrite whole style sometime in the near future
V 2.4.8
~Revert VIP/Private overlap fix since it was fixed by devs of site. (and I hated my implementation of the fix anyways)
V 2.4.7
~Bring back ratings.
~Fix Add To Collection Metadata Colors.
V 2.4.6
~Fix a issue with app page
V 2.4.5
~Fix a couple issues to do with the homepage (if your logged out or visiting trakt.tv for the first time).
!if anyone has better pictures to use for the homepage screen that will work with white text and has a dark background do let me know
V 2.4.4
~Make everything !important since the devs likes to always mess things up...
~Fix some more shading stuff.
~Fix a VIP/Private overlap that is by default a problem by the devs...
V 2.4.3
~Fix head hover issue.
V 2.4.2
~Revert back to old method of removing shade, so no more issues.
~Fix up issue with trailer / (before & end) credits button
~Fix up new watch now button
~Fix sidebar navigate hover
V 2.4.1
~ Fix issue with recent update to sidebar links.
V 2.4.0
~ Changed VIP/AD blocking option just slightly.
~ Finally got profile header options set up, so now you can choose to either have default headers or a custom one.
V 2.3.1
~ Thanks to @anagrammar I have now unblocked trailers/ opening & closing credits onto pages that have them while still blocking the buy/rent buttons.
~ Still looking into a way to make it so you can either have the default headers for profile pages or a custom one. [should hopefully have this setup soonish.]
V 2.3.0
~ Added option to either block ads or allow them.
~ Looking for a way to unblock trailers/opening(closing) credits while blocking the buy buttons on show/movie pages [ currently all blocked because the way the classes are set up, if someone could help me out here it would be great. ]
~ Looking into a way to make it so you can either have the default headers for profile pages or a custom one.
V 2.2.3
~Fix Issue with profile headers defaulting back to normal. Going to figure something out though for people who want default headers soon.
V 2.2.2
~ Fixed dashboard on deck links to be white instead of black.. Thanks trakt.tv for updating right as I want to go to bed -_- least it was an easy update..
V 2.2.1
~ Add new Ads to blocker list (currently only have seen one so far but if more crop up I will add them)
~ Changed a lot of things around in the CSS (if things are broken I will get them fixed up ASAP)
V 2.2
~ Change color/transparency of User Menu to better match the navigation bar
~ Fix issue with some comments having white backgrounds
V 2.1
~ Finally found a way to change the logo img for the Navigation Menu...
V 2.0
~ Rewrite has been done and released.
~ Made it easier to change colors for various things. *might make options for this soon*
~ Added Custom profile cover option.
v 1.0
~ Initial Release

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