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fix the garbage zone.

* Note: Userstyles seems to install this theme improperly for some users, sometimes. Make sure you try installing it twice. I'm sorry for this inconvenience.

* Note 2: Uh, apparently the theme does not properly update, either. You'll have to uninstall the theme and then reinstall via here. Sorry. :(
  • Removes or modifies some of the garbage this site shovels at people.
  • Labels some malicious sites, scaremongering, stupid hoaxes, etc.
  • Hides most of the ads on its own.
  • Also, I recommend getting New Xkit, uBlock Origin, and Flashblock.

More info
v3.0 - Quickfix for chat box and its new stupid sticker feature.
v2.9 - Quickfix for quotes in the drawer blog.
v2.8 - Style applied to queue section for those that run that kind of blog.
v2.7 - Very tiny update, although we might see more given that it's glitch season for tumblr.
v2.6 - Last minute changes and we're solid.
v2.5 - Nope! Because Staff broke their expand content feature!
v2.4 - Last update for today, hopefully. There we go.
v2.3 - Quickly fixing some more parts of the discover zone. I thought I had these nailed down, but lately we've been seein' some messy nonsense.
v2.2 - Corrected some of my own mistakes, added bottom borders for chats in dashboard.
v2.1 - Tumblr's frontend experts should really consider optimizing the runtime of their frontend blog post editor instead of trying to give the Blogs-You-Follow page an alternating color scheme by adding new class names instead of using :nth-child(even) on existing material. You know, like a *sane* person?
v2.0 - Staff keeps renaming their stuff without actually changing it.
v1.9 - Continuing to flip colors to have light text on dark backgrounds for users who have difficulties with vision.
v1.8 - "Shall we break the style for every other line in a chat post for no arbitrary reason?" The maddened tumblr king throws sand in his eyes, screeching, "YES! MAKE IT SO! MAKE IT SOOOOOO!!!"
v1.7 - Tumblr's "box of maybe 5 suggested searches" is pretty much just more bullshit. Removed. Also, recolored the keyboard shortcuts to have a dark background, light text, for high contrast for readers with needed vision support.
v1.6 - Goddammit, tumblr, quit renaming your header tags, who *cares* what they're named?!
v1.5 - Fixed styles that tumblr managed to re-break. i'm so shocked.
u1 - Bullshit scare hoaxes will now also be pointed out.
v1.4 - Updates the Mass Post Editor section to have the same style.
v1.3 - Large update for the Activity and Settings pages for blogs, accounts, color choices, and more. Fixed bugs where the theme accidentally overrides your color choices for your blog preview.
v1.2 - Quick fixes for the more obscure sections of the site.
v1.1 - Simple fix for the draggable tags.
v1.0 - All major issues should be fixed. Mild color issues will be addressed next.
v0.9 - Final update before 1.0: I have begun coloring and labeling certain dangerous links and will now work on compressing the CSS of this theme.
v0.8 - Updated more simple coloring and element display oversights.
v0.7 - aolari found another bug. also moved embedded videos to the left so that you can watch videos and have chats open at the same time WOW what a concept!
v0.6 - these changes are for the activity page. optional update.
v0.5 - theme now restyles pretty much all popover menus, fixes a bunch of bugs.
v0.4 - bug fixes, search feature revamp
v0.3 - more bug fixes (thanks: aolari & ikaricrossinglines)
v0.2 - bug fixes (make this theme less bullshit) : special thank to tumblr user aolari for quality assurance.
v0.1 - removed most if not all advertisements, smoother dark theme (color scheme developed in Adobe Kuler), removes unnecessary second dashboard column, removed links in the explore section for "Trending" and "Staff picks." removed recommended blogs and posts pop-ups and sections.

I personally use this theme whiled zoomed out twice (CTRL and -) but you can use it at full size.

planned (maybe) updates: to fix whatever else they break or dump on everybody, re-styling the pulldown options for your account settings/activity feed/conversations, to zoom out the content a bit so that more can be viewed vertically, etc.

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