YouTube Night (Dark Theme, Larger Player)

Added by Hackur@userstyles, Created: Jun 16, 2016, Updated: Jan 12, 2017
Player & Table Alignment:
Player colors (e.g. progress):
Link Colors:
Bell Notifications:


Simple, clean and dark with a hint of magic to make your viewing experience a little easier.

More info
Please note that this is still in development!
Let me know if you have suggestions or notice anything weird and I'll be sure to fix it!

- New Bell Notifications styled
- Reply box fix for lights-out theme

- Fixes for new search dropdown

- Style new upload button in the header
- 2px alignment fix for larger player

- Very minor table adjustments
- Checkbox select fixes
- Style Live Dashboard page
- Style Dashboard page
- Style My Videos page

- Style share/embed/email button borders
- Style email text fields

- Notification/+1 text color changed to black on Halloween theme.

- Style "Results for similar searches" border and text color

- Style new watched video thumbnail progress bar
- Style new uploader comment badge

- Style Caption toggle color within video

- Report video text styled

- Style trending spot text on video pages

- Sidebar margin fix on subscription page for new sitewide-ticker property

- Ellipsis firefox fix
- Input with keyboard background fixed for new lights-out theme option

- (a dark youtube theme with it's original red highlights) added as a theme option.
Mostly the same but carries small changes/improvements, especially scrolling performance. Use with Player Color settings set to Original.
- Radio button fix
- Flipped Hover card arrow styled

- Minor style adjustments to live chat
- Exclude gaming subdomain from style
- Fix live chat iframe on gaming subdomain
- Style spinner loading message
- Default settings restored
- Halloween Theme options for those that liked it

- Added some support for YouTube +
- Some setting styles

Due to userstyles update, this theme became broken as it removed a portion of the code. It should be working again now, please let me know if not.

- A temporary halloween color change

- Purple/visited auto search suggestion themed

- Fix short playlist background color
- Small margin adjustment on larger players

- Opacity fix for updated like/dislike comment buttons
- Brighter grey for reply button
- Opacity increase on hover with video like/dislike buttons

- Add large player option with no table alignment added
- Add even larger player option, 720p.
- Fix white underline on show all comments button
- Style Unlisted video warning
- Hovercard color fix for dark theme
- Sidebar video links now change color on hover
- Add a link color option, purple and grey
(styles comments section, video titles and majority of the original blue links)

- Google Photos bell notifications styled

- Style branded username text

12/7/16 - Small style revamp
- Style the bell notification area for the dark theme
- Merge table alignment into video size
- Add option for original youtube theme on everything
(meaning you can have the large player by itself if wanted)
- Fix small table alignment issues that looked odd without theme applied
- Style border around "recommended for you" box on a search page
- Missed color switch for account box on dark theme

- Slightly brighter shade of grey for border on most boxed content
- Video description link color adjustments
- Missed color switch for dark themed playlist fix
- Add an option for an alternative like/dislike color, purple & grey
- Add an option to style player colors for sliders, volume, progress bar, etc. purple

- Adjust add to playlist checkboxes/text color
- Minor missed color swaps for the dark version
- Style border on legacy feeds

- Add an extra dark theme color option

- Style related channels and support info on channel pages
- Style TestTube page
- Fix search border when virtual keyboard icon is visible.
- Style virtual keyboard
- Arabic guide border fix

- Style G+ Notification comment boxes/threads
- Style linked comment
- Top of page progress bar styled purple

- Search sidebar, watchcard (music) styled
- YouTuber Username Hover Card styled
- Minor Tweaks

- Missed Playlist page/Playlist option additions
- User account box
- Google+/YouTube notifications (partially)
- Footer options
- Browse page
- Missed Channel page additions
- YouTube red button/$
- General drop down menu text color brightness
- Live chat pop-out menu option fix
- Live chat tweaks/additions
- Fix image inverts for firefox since it has trouble with webp

- Initial Version

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