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Added by RaitaroH@userstyles, Created: Nov 30, 2016, Updated: Apr 05, 2017
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Videos should only be watched in the dark. May the dark show your way. (YouTube dark theme)

This is a dark theme for YouTube inspired by FT DeepDark

You can install the script from here as well
Official Page
More pictures can be found on the github page.

NOTE: the color picker is only available in the stylish version
I wanted to leave you the option to choose any color you want instead of a preselected one. Here are some color if you need them:
Default blue #00ADEE
Vertex theme blue #4080fb
Arc theme blue #5294e2
YouTube red #cc181e
Green #08E700
A composite image is provided in the screenshots.

More info
Please give feedback if you like the theme!
NOTE: YouTube will implement a new design. This will break the theme for a bit. It will be fixed.

1.7.0 do you REALLY have to change something so often YouTube?! (themed the sub/unsub buttons AGAIN)
1.6.9 adjusted the color in 2 images
1.6.8 fixed the new sub/unsub buttons in the cards
1.6.7 added some margin to results in the search
1.6.6 fixed the color of the video titles because youtube changed the code again
1.6.5 change the logo of the author in the video title to a circle,fixed hover for links
1.6.4 improvements for the new youtube design (also youtube offers a dark variant of their own, funny thing)
1.6.3 small fix
1.6.2 position of the show more button in the notification aligned,unread notification dot background color adjusted
1.6.1 it seems YouTube added some hover opacity for thumnails (are you taking cues from me YouTube?) ,upload icon was too white added new images to this page
1.6.0 added color picker in the stylish version
1.5.9 adjusted theme in order to add "pick color" option for stylish, fixed opacity for the new edit watched playlist icon
1.5.8 login button in chat
1.5.7 new chat fixed (damn YouTube you are going to introduce one thing at the time don't you? Well better for me because I have the time to make them dark)
1.5.6 added some basic suport for the new material design,I never noticed the links in comments are not blue (now fixed),changed notifications number background to blue as well
1.5.5 removed border for numbers of notfications
1.5.4 fixed the search bar (new design for YT will brake stuff soon enough),removed the border of the search button because it looked not aligned,removed the box shadow when you use tab to "select" the timeline
1.5.3 notifications titled went under the image so I fixed that too,notifications button and dropdown now black (thx YouTube for the new design)
1.5.2 changed highlight for text
1.5.1 removed the fix at 1.5.0 it conflicts with other stuff
1.5.0 list view and grid view icons fixed for list view,circle icons in the list view layout,yt+ fixes
1.4.9 comment section YT redesign fixes
1.4.8 fixed the spacing the menu which was really bad for some reason
1.4.7 frame by frame icon fix for YT+
1.4.6 fixes in the analytics and create a video,some borders fixes,checkboxes in YT+,search bars and inputs fixed in the dashboard (if you have a white theme), creator heart avatar changed to circle
1.4.5 404 page makeover
1.4.4 hover for post comment fix
1.4.3 playlists icons,liked buttons icons changed to better blue(re-added them),video not found image made blue
1.4.2 fixed dashboard icons
1.4.1 removed custom icons for liked buttons entirely fixed this (added new image)
1.4.0 dialog text fixes,add description and email fix,welcome video fixes,show more vids in playlist hover,private icon in subscriptions fix,channel settings fixes,playlist settings fixes,removed some box shadows,edit notes color fix,show more color fix,calendar fixes ,studio analytics section fixes,studio message section fixes,channel description fixes,border color for links in the studio menus,border color for links in the community tab,fixed borders in studio,fixed a circle icon in the studio,fixed editable description in playlist,fixed hover on video title in the creation studio, fixed title color in studio,border color fix in the studio
1.3.9 added border to upload button,fixed save playlist button, made x button on home page look better
1.3.8 bell notification popup title set to white
1.3.7 comments like/dislike fix,loading progress bar made blue
1.3.6 DON'T ask to change the NOTIFICATION menu (It ends up bleeding in other google sites, sorry),small fixes,removed box-shadow and changed border on the channel page,better hover for video thumbnails,circle fix,fix for create new playlist
1.3.5 #pl-header .privacy-icon-present .pl-header-details::before set to #444,show more border on the channel page removed,youtube+ border,card fix,background of video when in hover mode in YT+,avatars of the chanels in the right pane changed to circle,.hover fix for playlist title and description, description color set to #ccc
1.3.4 channel avatar in the banner reset to opacity 1,td hover fix, made search darker
1.3.3 very small fix
1.3.2 some div background in big resolution fix (see comment here,,searchbar results fix,youtube logo responsive hidden,welcome for youtube+ background,cinema mode black bars removed,while watching element fix in fullscreen playlist view
1.3.1 opacity tweaked for a softer feel,fullscreen playlist author color,changed border color for cards on hover
1.3.0 yt menu selected hover fix,yt logo hover opacity,opacity for thumbnails in playlists set to 1
1.2.9 fixed cricle being cutoff in the channels page,circle for channels in the search results,removing completly the (the case for bubble menus)
1.2.8 opacity on hover for thumbnails and avatars,circle avatars (Well let's do it before YouTube does it),cards text,youtube+ tweaks
1.2.7 better code layout,small fixes
1.2.6 upload makeover,comments in live stream makeover
1.2.5-1 youtube logo back to 100%
1.2.5 footer fix, excluded some stuff I am not gonna theme (for the script only not here)
1.2.4 70% logo style thx to youtube rewind,special hover for video titles suggested+in playlists (I was really annoying to get this working, thx YouTube),button text changed to white (BUT SERIOUSLLY YOUTUBE CAN"T YOU HAVE ONE DAMN KIND OF BUTTON),show more hover background color,added to watch later icon succes fix,g-hovercard fix,change white to a 95% for a softer look&feel,removed blue text-shadow,changed some text to #ccc,choose language alert fix,button fix,youtube html5 page background
1.2.3 youtube html5 page fixes,dashboard makeover,html5 video title link hover fix,notifications fix, hover for footer links
1.2.2 - /channels makeover,comments like button ,creator heart color change, hover for buttons, fullscreen cards fixes, small other fixes

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