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Added by The17@userstyles, Created: Nov 23, 2009, Updated: Oct 14, 2016
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**** Some things are broken in Chrome, I don't use Chrome and don't know what's causing the problem so...

If you want something changed or added message me on Reddit at user FillInTheBlank, I will not reply to you here.

More info
- Some RES updates
- One small thing
- Fixed some more things hopefully not breaking anything. If I did just yell at me.
- Fixed new comments highlighted with reddit gold
I don't have reddit gold so don't count on me fixing any other gold issues anytime soon
- Fixes to the small forgotten things still rolling in
- good times
- Wiki and more poop
- brightened quoted text a bit
29/01 2
- Should be working even better with custom subreddit CSS
- Some other thing
- Rewrote the whole thing and it should now work a hell of a lot better with custom subreddit CSS
- Updated for tomorrows reddit CSS changes.
- Updated for live threads
- Fixed up mutireddits release
- Multireddit beta
- Various misc changes, mostly to the sidebar to ruin more subreddits precious custom CSS
- header-bottom-left was extending down to far making it hard to click on a links article whilst in the comments
- Fixed a couple of RES things.
- Blog fix
- A couple more things to stop subreddit custom stylesheets screwing things up but some things still escape me.
- So many things, so little CSS knowledge
- Woops, accidently had some things applying universally.
- If this is bad and horrible please just yell at me and I can switch back to the old one.

- I got the date wrong :/
- Forgot all about the wiki pages & mod pages & the blog, fixed now, well hopefully.

- Guess what I rewrote from scratch today!
- This should solve a lot of clashes with custom subreddit styles.
- There may still be some issues but you can always PM on reddit at /u/FillInTheBlank
- If you don't like this one you can use the old version of the style here http://freestyler.ws/style/80955/old-darklicious-reddit
- I might push several updates over the next day or so if I notice small things I missed

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