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Added by William Borum@userstyles, Created: Feb 03, 2016, Updated: Apr 21, 2017
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Naut is a customized CSS for reddit made by reddit user Cryptonaut, found on /r/Naut. It is used in many subreddits natively through subreddit styles and RES. I made a global version of Naut's theme, and created a dark version. It is updated to Naut 4.0, and looks better than ever.

Note: To make this style universal, you have to turn off "allow subreddits to show me custom themes" under display options in your reddit preferences. Or if you use RES, you can turn off individual subreddit styles that do not work well with Naut.

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More info
Apr 21
- Fixed grey color in search dropdown
Apr 3
- Fixed /r/place visual glitch on the sidebar, temporary removal
Feb 24
- Fixed weird color on the sidebar
Feb 21
- Removed dotted lines on the left of comments
- Distinguished OPs in comments with blue
Feb 19
- Fixed white theme on the PM pages
Feb 18
- Fixed no 'send a PM' button on user pages
Dec 29
- Added multiple color comment threads from RES to non-RES
- Fixed logout button from being a row down on RES
- Made top-child comments easier to see
- Fixed spoiler tags from being light-themed
Dec 12
- Fixed header spacing
- Fixed white info-bar
Nov 26
- Fixed white on hover in add-to multireddit cards
Nov 24
- Fixed a couple white-themed cards
Nov 10
- Fixed downvote arrow extra pixel
Nov 9
- Cleaned up subreddit chooser
Nov 7
- Fixed white theme on posting page
Nov 1
- Logout button added back
- Multireddit bar added to default
Sep 17
- Fixed white shadow on selected muiltireddit box
- Fixed white elements on
Sep 14
- Moved the multireddit slider down a little bit
Sep 12
- Fixed no dark theme on
- Fixed NSFW thumbnail being shown on users who turned it off
- Made the RES link popup in comments dark themed
- Made the gold options in reddit user preferences dark themed
Sep 10
- Temporary fix for inability to collapse comments
- Temporary removal of logout button
- Fixed posts not taking up entire area
Aug 5
- Added dark scrollbar for chrome users
Aug 4
- Reworked the RES Console to a dark theme
Aug 3
- Made some changes for people who don't turn off subreddit styles
Jul 13
- Added dark nsfw indicator on youtube videos
Jul 5
- Made archived post indicator darker
Jun 25
- Fixed light-themed suggested subreddits for multis
Jun 5
- Removed light-themed background when selecting flairs
Jun 3
- Added dark theme to search context
May 20
- Fixed many issues with reddit api documentation page
Apr 22
- Made archived post indicator grey instead of white
Apr 21
- Fixed white theme on collapsed posts on user saved page
Apr 19
- Finally removed annoting white dot over search button in sidebar
- Fixed sidebar image not appearing in search page
- Removed horizontal bar in search page
Apr 17
- Fixed white-themed RES CSS style ticker
- Made Subreddit Info title font white
Apr 16
- Fixed white-themed RES shortcut dialogues
Apr 3
- Fixed sidebar being greyed out
Mar 13
- Fixed white theme on new messages
Mar 12
- Added option to disable the header image
- Added header color picker
- Took away footer image
Mar 10
- Fixed spacing at the top of the frontpage
Mar 1
- Made login popup darker
- Fixed some black text in live threads
Feb 28
- Changed RES multi-list hover to dark theme
Feb 23
- Made search box under search bar dark-themed
Feb 22
- Fixed white themed permalinks with parents
- Fixed RES user preview being partially white in Firefox
Feb 21
- Added back the RES karma preview
Feb 17
- Added dark header to hover on username
Feb 16
- Made linked-to comments darker themed
Feb 8
- Made subreddit list darker
Feb 5
- Fixed white themed comments on Firefox
- Made some dialogue boxes darker
- Added yellow time-stamp

I plan on adding custom colors, and there will be some bugs to fix, please be patient.

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