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Added by rotane@userstyles, Created: Sep 16, 2010, Updated: Mar 01, 2017
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This skin is a fix for IMDb's September 2010 "redesign", inspired by deviantART's slight green/grey tone, as well as an adblock/crapblock.

FYI: Since this redesign only touched the main Film and Actor's page, nothing more is specifically tweaked with this skin either. All the other sub-pages (Trivia, Forum, etc.) will grab parts of the skin, however. Those aren't looking too good as a result, but at least they are dark as well (and not as glaringly bright white).

UPDATE on that last FYI: Since September 2010, more and more pages got changed (quite sporadically), and with this skin i tried to keep up. The aforementioned Trivia and Forum pages are now styled as well. There's still a few places left where the old design is in place, but there's still nothing i can do about that. You won't notice it too much though – i hope… :-)

More info
v0.1: Initial release.
v0.2: Minor fixes. Background gradient now CSS only (no more image); Firefox 3.6+ is required for this.
v0.3: Fix for main pictures and ratings box. Slight colour tweaks.
v0.4: IMDb changed parts of their HTML/CSS again, so this latest update fixes this.
v0.5: Some new fixes.
v0.6: removed -moz- prefix for Firefox 13+ compatibility.
v0.7: Main page fixes.
v0.8: Improved list style; watchlist+filters; removed facebook thingie; Top 500 badge; better looking reviews page.
v0.9: Hides crap in the footer; new search results; REVERSED link appearance: links now have no underline, but get underlined on :hover.
v0.10: Stuff in the header is now a lot darker, with inline search results also skinned; slightly modified visited link colour.
v0.11: Many small fixes to list views, tabs, buttons, etc.
v0.12: New trivia/etc pages + sidebar nav; button fixes.
v0.13: Preliminary support for the New Forum design (the preview).
v0.13-1: Small fixes for New Forum design.
v0.13-2: New Forum overview page support.
v0.13-3: Small tweaks to header and search.
v0.14: New header support that appears in some browsers; more lists supported; ratings box tweaks.
v0.14-1: Minor tweaks; more crapblock.
v0.14-2: Minor tweaks again.
v0.15: Updates to photo browser; minor fix to boxes on home page.
v0.15-1: Fixed a few lists.
v0.16: Minimal footer design.
v0.16-1: Support for more boxes/list items.
v0.16-2: Removed many Mozilla-specific values.
v0.16-3: Fixed some boxes and lists.
v0.16-4: Fix for "On TV" box.
v0.16-5: Fix for "On TV" box again and more lists.
v0.16-6: Fix for some "boxes within boxes".
v0.16-7: Fixed some lists; prettier divider lines in boxes.
v0.17: Fixed dividers; cleaned footer.
v0.18: Fix for recent Movie pages redesign (so-called "flatland").
v0.19: Quick fix for the new movie page header.
v0.20: Hidden the "In Theatres" bit.

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