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Facebook - Perfection - by xd_1771.

This userscript:
-Compacts and perfects the interface by adjusting padding & spacing
-Removes all advertisements and useless clutter on the right
-Widens the interesting content portion
-Adds Transparent menus (notifications, accounts menu, etc.) w/shadow
-Blinks notification icon on new notification
-Adds fade/hover animations and highlights
-Changes background colour of side notification counts to red for increased visibility

Additional addons and scripts I recommend:
- Facebook - Left Side Chat Bar (FIREFOX ONLY) - LINK http://freestyler.ws/style/78410/facebook-left-side-chat-bar-beta-firefox-only
- Social Fixer - LINK http://socialfixer.com/
- Facebook Minimalistic Login - LINK http://freestyler.ws/style/37263/facebook-minimalistic-login


More info
== MAKE SURE to check out the new Facebook - Left Side Chat Bar script if you use Firefox http://freestyler.ws/style/78410/facebook-left-side-chat-bar-beta-firefox-only designed to COMPLEMENT Facebook - Perfection!! ==


Change log:
5.4 - NEW FEATURE: Changed background colour of side notification counts to red for increased visibility
5.3 - Removed customizations from "Floating Pretty Bar" to improve compatibility with graph search and Google Chrome
5.2 - Adjustments to spacing, i.e. left column
5.1 - NEW FEATURE: Incoprorated "Animations" - smooth fades into hover animations and highlights
---ALL major UI and functionality bugs fixed
---No effect to Facebook timelines
---Shading and colouring adjusted
---Fixed top "Facebook" text
4.3 - Added extra ad removal code from creatineconlon
4.2 - Fixed positioning of ticker popup
4.1 - Fixed positioning of notification/etc flyouts; still looking for timeline fix
4.0.8 - Minor fixes; still looking for timeline fix
4.0.7 - Comments Width Fix
4.0.6 - Additional adjustments to Profile Page Widths
4.0.5 - Additional adjustments to Profile Page Widths
4.0.4 - Adjustments to Profile Page Widths
4.0.3 - Additional Minor UI/Bug Fixes
4.0.2 - Minor Bug Fixes
4.0.1 - Fixed ticker popup positioning issue
---Various bugfixes and adjustments (UI & functional).
---Log out button has been eliminated to allow for a cleaner top bar and better compatibility with Better Facebook/Social Fixer.
---Centre column is now slightly shaded blue for effect.
---"Events" in the right column has now been moved to the left, for additional compatibility with smaller screens.
3.1 - Fixed ticker pop-up positioning issue
3.0.1 - Top bar gradient has been reversed (darker on top), icons for notification buttons/etc. are now somewhat more visible
---New code for the main profile has been merged from userscript "Facebook - Tweak Ads, Full Content Width" [LINK: http://freestyler.ws/style/30581/facebook-tweaks-no-ads-max-width-v3-0-7-beta].
---Compatible with the new TIMELINE Facebook profile.
---Events column is moved to the right side of the screen, in between the chat bar & main content.
---REMOVED FEATURE: Left nav bar colouring
3.B1 - INCOMPLETE - Includes preliminary fixes required to ensure full compatibility with the new Timeline profile.
---MAJOR CHANGE: New code for the main profile has been merged from userscript "Facebook - Tweak Ads, Full Content Width" [LINK: http://freestyler.ws/style/30581/facebook-tweaks-no-ads-max-width-v3-0-7-beta]. There are some bugs with the code from this script. Additional fixes ARE being worked on.
---COSMETIC CHANGE - Added code from "Facebook - Floating Pretty Bar" [LINK: http://freestyler.ws/style/38329/facebook-floating-pretty-bar] - Top bar now has nice style/gradient
---COSMETIC CHANGE - Left nav bar is now coloured slightly
---Limited fade-in animations added to content areas. Facebook Animations! [BETA] is no longer recommended for use with this userstyle.
2.1.3 - Fixed log out button again
2.1.2 - Fixed log out button
2.1.1 - Fixes to adjust to new Facebook changes.
---BROKEN: Nav bar shadow (minor cosmetic issue only, will hopefully be corrected in time).
---Corrected padding & spacing of posts; they are now centred and much better.
---The comment box on the main page has been extended to take up all the space on the right, and it now goes all the way across the screen for much better visibility.
---Stickied top nav & left bar now working again.
---All transparency & shadows working again.
---Log out button has been reinstated.
---Various fixes in response to more Facebook changes.
2.0.1 - Tempoary fixes. New code is being worked on for increased compatibility with the new Facebook.
---Facebook - Improve and Simplify Style is no longer a dependency. Code from that script has been integrated into this one.
---Better Facebook is no longer a dependency, but a recommendation.
---Log out button has been removed (this causes complication on small screens)
---Fixes have been made as a response to Facebook changes.
---Not-working: Fixed position of the left panel - may be fixed in a future update
1.0.1 - Fixed "log out" button position for slight Facebook layout change
1.0 - Initial release

Based on:
Facebook - Sticky Top Nav Bar & More Prettiness - http://freestyler.ws/style/19956/facebook-sticky-top-nav-bar-more-prettiness
Practical Facebook Update [2010] - http://freestyler.ws/style/33375/practical-facebook-update-2010
Facebook - Improve and Simplify Style - http://freestyler.ws/style/39183/facebook-improve-and-simplify-style
Facebook - Floating Pretty Bar - http://freestyler.ws/style/38329/facebook-floating-pretty-bar
Facebook - Tweak Ads, Full Content Width - http://freestyler.ws/style/30581/facebook-tweaks-no-ads-max-width-v3-0-7-beta

Note that the reason I have had to make these scripts part of the single Facebook - Perfection script is so that I can make the content work with each other. I'm not trying to steal anyone else's work on purpose and I'm crediting all the original writers where applicable.

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Applies to:
facebook.com, http://www.facebook.com/groups, https://www.facebook.com/groups, www.facebook.com

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