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Its for the Greasemonkey Script (GM), without others scripts which add other information near each thumb in thumbnail:
by Alesa Dam:

▶ As of April 22 2015 [after Flickr's radical change] : BROKEN at this time...

What it does ?:
Integration more compact around thumb's title/informations , Reduce its "Comment Balloon Icon" to provide a clean and tiny aspect on the page.
- New Tiny Icons.
- Icons Positions more close and on the same line of the thumbs informations (meta).
- On Photo Stream Page , Icon is near the "FAV STAR" button of the NAV BAR:

- "Comment Counter" move near the balloon , close but outside it.

This Userstyle seems work with other scripts without problems... i hope!

▶ Please Comment and give Feedback if you like this Style :-)

More info
▷ by Alesa Dam:
(GM :Greasemonkey Script):
"Shows whether or not you have commented on a photo.
Adds a small icon to the menu bar on a flickr photo. The icon will be greyed out if you haven't posted a comment on the particular image - and will be coloured if you have!
There is also a retrieving image, so you know when the thing is working."

▷ Discussion (Flickr Hacks) :

► ► NEW :

"The following change to the script fixed this problem for me.

Change the following on line 247 of function getUsername() from //a[ to //span[

The line should read :
var buddyIcon = document.evaluate('.//span[contains(@class,"account")]/img[contains(@class,"gn-buddyicon")]', document, null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null).singleNodeValue; "


► ► This Userstyle is s a part of my "Flickr WideScreen Collection".

► The First one:

Add a Dark/Grey Style?.
Use my personal tweak (more Dark):

The "Flickr WideScreen Collection" :

- For Flickr Userscripts (GM: cf greasemonkey):

- For Flickr Viewers :

►► HOW To Restore the Old Photo Page Design (after Flick's "Update" 2014):

►► NEW - AFTER NEW DESIGN 2014 : To get the old page back :
You can use the Firefox Addon too :

And read:

►► ====== USO :8080 or MIRROR ??? ======
"" is down.....
abd USO :8080 tooo !!
► Use now "" : By trespassersW
This script help us by redirecting to

So, you NEED to Use "", the Static Mirror Of : by trespassersW:
Useful when searching for script via google, this userscript Redirects links to , the Static Mirror Of .
Also redirects links (which stop to work now).

Another solution:
Here are new settings for USO Mirror:

- Include pattern: (.*?)s?\://(.*?)\\:8080)?\/(.*)
- Redirect to: $1://$$4

► To follow this story and found the last tweaks:

►► Firefox Addons and Greasemonkey Scripts (GM) for Flickr.

Read here which Flickr Greasemonkey Script (GM) you can use :

▷ Thumbnail Preview With:
These Styles are better with this Useful Addon/Script to preview thumbnail on hover:

▶ "Splash Album Viewer Fixed" - AutoPager support :

► Firefox Infinite Page Addon, in Use and Recommended:
This Style Work well, like my others style, with:
- AutoPager's SET Rule : read the related topic ...

Applies to:
CC0 1.0 Universal.
decembre@userstyles has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Flickr - (GM) - Commented ON - Small ICON v.2.5, to the extent allowed by law.

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