Flickr - Small Justified (Compact Top Header) v.4

Added by decembre@userstyles, Created: Jul 30, 2013, Updated: May 10, 2015
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I don't like this justified view....
Too big (and too slow)!
This Userstyle make it smaller /compact.

As of April 22 2015 [after the Flickr's "last" radical change],
Many Tweaks around the Flickr "OLD Design Photo Page" are no more possible.

Like this one:

But No Problem with this Usertsyles ...
All about Userscripts / addon / userstyles / applications for Flickr After New Photo Page Design (2014) [Updated 23 Avr 2015] .
Reedited when something change....

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More info
What's does this Userstyles:
- (NEW v.4):
Reduce the TOP Header (Delete the Cover photo etc...
Include "NEW GLOBAL NAVBAR only visble on Hover"
- Add Paginator Always visible on the left side...
- Rows Counter
- Metas Adapted
- Color correction

Read here my request in Greasemonkey forum about this Damn Justified View:
In addition in it :
- Many links related at this JUSTIFIED view.
- A copy of the Flickr/yahoo scripts running on the pool (small view) page before their last change of 29.07.2013

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You can test my other Usertyles (Many are better for A WIDE SCREEN (1920x1080)!:

- For Flickr Userscripts (GM: cf greasemonkey), like

- For Flickr Viewers :

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►► GM : USO MIRROR ???
"" is down.....
And "" is down too.

You need to Use now :
-, the Static Mirror Of,
or some other alternative like:
- https://greasyfork.org by trespassersW:
Useful when searching for script via google, this userscript Redirects links to , the Static Mirror Of .
Also redirects links (which stop to work now).

▶ You Can Find Many Other Updated Infos About Flickr Extensions / Userscripts / Userstyles / Applications..
In :

I have Updated all links from (defunct) ,
to point now to (Archives))

▶ Please Comment and give Feedback if you like this Style :-)

▷ Thumbnail Preview With:
▶ "Splash Album Viewer Fixed" - AutoPager support(
It's the better solution for many Flickr thumbnail : FAST and Simple...
▶ ( Firefox Addon)
Very Good addon to use on many sites too.

► Firefox Infinite Page Addon, in Use and Recommended:
This Style Work well, like my others style, with:
- AutoPager's SET Rule : read the related topic ...

Applies to:
CC0 1.0 Universal.
decembre@userstyles has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Flickr - Small Justified (Compact Top Header) v.4, to the extent allowed by law.

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