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Description: with an extreme reduction of ponies for when you desire to not flaunt your reading habits to the world! Great for USB Portable installations. :)

This is for Google Chrome and Chromium only!
(Other Webkit-based browsers should work)

A version for Firefox & Opera can be found here:

(NOTE: This can still be considered a work in progress, but is nearing being finished!)

(NOTE 2: Preview of header is not completely accurate at this time.)

More info
• The home link is moved to the left side of the screen. Is hidden until hovered over.
• Works on both and!
• Older versions of Chrome have an issue with images flashing. Either upgrade or use Firefox and Opera to resolve this issue if it is a requirement.
• Includes
• With permission, includes

• Show story cover upon hover.

• Disabled all images in the header - 10/03/2012
• Fixed featured selection bullet issue - 10/03/2012
• Reduced the header flashing issue by a noticeable degree. Currently at maximum efficiency? - 12/03/2012
• Cleaned home link and navbar, made all comment and blog images shrink until hovered. Max comment and blog image size when hovered is now set to 500px. - 15/03/2012
• Polished header gradient and navbar. - 17/03/2012
• Wrapped up loose ends with the header bordering. - 19/03/2012
• Fixed comment image sizing issues. - 20/03/2012
• Took care of image papercut issue on userpages and tweaked avatar opacity. - 20/03/2012
• Took care of issue that /story/16424 exposed upon being featured. - 20/03/2012
• Updated to include dropdown menus & dramatically enhance the "Read this story later" icon upon selection. - 29/03/2012
• Removed all custom images from top bar. Removed mark all favs read link. Updated and fixed styling in user pages. Fiddled with emotes. Updated dropdown menus. - 10/04/2012
• Added in group header and in-story images with the 100px max height until hover. Fixed blog image selector issue. - 16/04/2012
All Facebook widgets are now removed - 26/04/2012
• Included support for - 25/06/2012
• Minor usability fixes and properly hides previously hidden Facebook elements - 01/07/2012
• Fixed featured box - 03/08/2012
• Resolved minor featured box issue - 04/08/2012
• Cleaned up and tweaked featured box, yet again! XD - 05/08/2012
• Cleaned up the colouring for the toolbar buttons for greater visibility - 05/08/2012
• Cleaned up the featured box - 09/08/2012

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