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1920x1080 format. I haven't tried to test it on other resolutions recently.

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01.22.2016: yeah, yeah, yeah ... another update ... sorry, just something I wanted to correct.

01.20.2016: This stuff is frustrating! Even so, A small update ... :)
Still a long way to go. It ain't perfect but I like it ... it's far frome done, kinda like me ... :D

01.15.2016: A change in the body code ... I hope it fixes whatever issues might've occurred for anyone using my Style. :)

11.18.2015 : Kinda liking the new "by the day" setup in subscriptions. A small edit to make it more readable.

10.08.2015 : Another attempt. Much work to be done, indeed ...

08.28.2014: I have to put this in the deletion category for a bit ... time to start from scratch ...

08.28.2014: A work in progress yet once again as I finally find time to go through the new labyrinth placed in the Google/YouTube world ...

03.31.2014: Edited for YouTube Center v2.1.0.

03.20.2014: Happy Spring (or Fall) everyone! I'm just now actually actively uploading videos and editing this Style in that aspect.
I'm sure there will be much more to come ... some paring of the code and some additions ...

03.12.2014 ... or, ISO certified: 2014.03.12: Some very minor updates ... as always, as I poke around, there will be more updates to come. :)

02.21.2014: I see more changes on Y-Tube ... caught a few but, surely, more updates will be coming ... :)

02.18.2014: Lots of updates. :)

01.09.2014: As I mentioned ... more edits ... :)

12.13.2013: A few more edits ... many more to come ...

11.29.2013, 11.30.2013: Still more edits ... *sigh*

11.28.2013: A few more changes to Y-Tube fixed.

11.26.2013: Working on the comment integration with G+ ... more to come but this is a start. :)

11.07.2013: Wonky stuff on the 'Tube (what else is new). Minor update but I'm sure I'll be back with more soon. I'm stumped about a few things at this time and it's getting late (or early, depending on one's perspective) ... be back soon! :D

10.11.2013, 10.12.2013, 10.15.2013: More updates ... what else? :) Found some new changes on the Y-Tube site and a few tweaks I should have paid attention to prior ... more to come ...

05.18.2013: A few updates ...

04.27.2013: Still more searching and refining ... it's a never-ending process ...

04.13.2013: Small update ... more to come as I check other areas. It appears YouTube has changed a few things.

02.09.13: Very simple update for the nav-item and a few other issues.

01.31.2013: Updates ... my thanks to full_interest@userstyles! :)

01.19.2013: Tiny fixes ... more to come ...

01.16.2013: Small update ... thanks ! :)

01.15.2013: A number of edits ... hope you like them. :)

01.02.2013, 01.12.2013, 01.13.2013: Small tweaks ...

12.25.2012: Fixed background on search results page. Thanks, !

12.23.2012: Updates for the upload video section ... not complete (is it ever?) but better than it was.

12.08.2012: Additional updates.

12.07.2012: Last night I realized there were a lot of changes. Not too bad on my end. Still, more updates ...

12.06.2012: Always a small thing to fix ... very minor updates ... I still have yet to fix what goes on after uploading a video ... nothing serious appears to be an issue as far as I can tell, so far. As I mentioned below, I will update that page upon another video upload.

11.26.2012: Just uploaded my first YouTube video yesterday ... noticed there are a few fixes required for that section. Upon my next rather innocuous upload, I'll fix it. Sorry for the delay for those using this Style and uploading vids. My apologies.

11.17.2012: Very minor updates.

10.22.2012: Updated for movie reviews and the appearance of the text therein.

08.25.2012, 08.26.2012: Another update ... as I've mentioned, previously, Y-Tube is a huge site. Also, again, thanks to all who've tried this style. :)

08.22.2012: As I've mentioned before, always another area of Y-Tube to be explored and Styled. Updated for the Sharing area. :)
Certainly, there is more I can do with it and I'll do more ... however, it's gonna have to wait, probably, until Labor Day weekend. Thanks to everyone who's used this Style so far. :)

08.17.2012: I'm not a 'Tuber so I don't know if I've hit all areas, so far. Just updated one (analytics). :)

07.31.2012: Just a note to let anyone who's using the HTML5 trial know that I know there are a few issues with buttons at the bottom of the HTML5 video needing to be fixed ... I saw that right before I opted out of the HTML5 trial ... full screen didn't stay in full screen and the entire experience was just unacceptable (probably an Fx issue ... dunno).
Regardless, this Style is not built for those in the HTML5 trial on YouTube but, even for those doing so, it'll work just fine ... just a few button customizing tweaks needing to be done and until HTML5 is fully operational, I don't plan to make any changes supporting it.
However, if a user of this Style really wants it done, I'll take a look at it. :)

07.27.2012: Updated a few more small items.

07.10.2012: Found an error in the Playlist Description appearance and a few other things on a playlist page ... updated. :)

06.21.2012: Updated the background url. Thanks, calico@userstyles! :)

06.19.2012: Always something to fix, it seems ... this time it was regarding the "Subscriptions" text on hover while one is viewing a subscribed page or subscriptions.

06.17.2012: Small update for the "likes" and "dislikes" count at the bottom of videos.

06.06.2012: Had to edit the background image source for those who haven't edited the Style for their own background preference (this style will work with pretty much any background of one's choosing). :)

05.30.2012 / 05.28.2012 / 05.25.2012 / 05.21.2012 / 05.12.2012: Found a few minor areas needing some tweaking. (Y-Tube is a big site with a lot of different areas ...) :)

04.25.2012: More updates and consolidation.

04.22.2012: Edited so hovering in darker background choices (or areas) is more evident.

04.20.2102: Updated so the "share" link text after clicking "like" is not quite so large.

04.14.2012: Minor updates.

04.10.2012: Quite a few updates as I visit various sections of the 'Tube.

Thanks go to the many Stylers who are Styling YouTube! :)

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