A UserStyles.org Style and A GreasyFork.org Style

Added by mikedl@userstyles, Created: Apr 06, 2012, Updated: Jul 08, 2014
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For UserStyles.org ... and GreasyFork.org
Inspired by Tss@userstyles and based on http://freestyler.ws/style/39922/userstyles-org-stylish-v2.

Works on Firefox and, in my limited use of Chrome, there as well. :)

More info
07.07.2014: Just found the major changes and I'll work on 'em as time allows ... even so, a few updates. :)

04.08.2014: More updates for Greasy Fork (and for UserStyles as well). :)

03.31.2014: More edits for Greasy Fork ...

03.07.2014: Another update for Greasy Fork Users ... it won't affect any UsersStyles users of this Style. As mentioned below ... more to come. :)

03.05.2014: Updated for Greasy Fork ... a work in progress ...

Thanks to calico@userstyles and hideheader@userstyles and LouCypher@userstyles, I have updated. My many, many, many thanks (I'd say it "thanks" more but I think y'all get it :) )

09.02.2013: Edited for the text to the left when one is not signed in to the site.
I should have done that a while ago but I'm almost always signed in. Lately I've had to sign in more often so I thought it ought to be fixed. :)

12.30.2012: Small fix. Thanks, makondo@userstyles! :)

11.20.2012: A few color and hover changes. Subtle changes however much they may be, I hope anyone using this Style likes 'em. :)

11.01.2012: Oops ... sorry, found a few bugs ... updated.

10.24.2012: Small update to make the main menu a "sticky" so one does not have to scroll all the way to the top of the page on the forum portion while viewing long discussion threads. A few additional tweaks, as well.

07.31.2012: It appears something might have changed on the USO forum regarding the placement of the search text input field at the top wherein one is reading a post ... updated ...

06.22.2012: Very small update regarding the "Sign Out" and "Sign In" font weight on the forum pages. Sorry I missed that for so long ...
Also an update for the notification beside the "Inbox" (when one is logged in to the forum) regarding new messages.

06.21.2012: Updated the background url. Thanks, calico@userstyles! :)

06.14.2012: Edited for https://userscripts.org/scripts/show/80666 (if you are not using it, it won't affect you but I highly recommend the Script. :) )

04.30.2012: Minor updates and enhancements (could I get more generic? ;) )

04.21.2012: Updated for http://blog.userstyles.org/.

04.19.2012: Incorporated rob64rock@userstyles's "move emoticon drop down out of the text reply area" from http://freestyler.ws/style/38429/userstyles-org-restyled-simply-better (thanks, rob64rock@userstyles! :) ) and changed bookmark hover icons (added one for "Bookmark" while transitioning the original to "Unbookmark"). A few additional minor tweaks as well (took out my personal additions for members and created a new http://freestyler.ws/style/57573/a-userstyles-org-personal for it :D ).

04.18.2012: Updated for visited links ... works better.

04.14.2012: Various updates.

04.13.2012: Update 4; (almost from scratch) to fix what I mentioned earlier (see directly below).

04.13.2012: Small update. Apparently, I was copy and paste happy and got carried away (stuff got to where it shouldn't) ... sorry ... fixed - sorta.
04.13.2012: Visited link fix ... partly ... thanks to guidance from makondo@userstyles (my many thanks!).

04.12.2012: Update 2; Rating icon fix - Thanks to Tss@userstyles.

04.12.2012: Updated. A lot more transparency.
BTW, this will work with any dark background but I've styled it to take into account varying colors in backgrounds (as I do with all my Styles). :)

Applies to:
userstyles.org, choggi.org, greasyfork.org... More »

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