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This application is currently in Beta and there are alot of bugs and new improvments and features coming. if youd like to request something please place it in comments same with bugs. thanks

-JL Griffin


A Clean Modern Facebook theme based off of the Facerane theme. Facerane i found was appealing with a lot of bugs so i tore it up fixed as many bugs as i could find and added a lot of cool new chrome to it that makes it better looking and more easy on the eyes. Please enjoys and im always open to sugestion.

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=====================Update Docket=====================
* Coming soon is a restyle of the notification icons. i kept the ones from the facerane theme against my better judgement since i never really like them much.
A graphic design friend of mine is building some custom ones for me (im good with most graphics... icons, forget it. :P ) and ill be implementing them as css instead of images via code :D

======================Update Log=======================
Bug Fix Mar 13, 2013
FINALLY fixed the tons of dead space over the cover photo on chrome (sorry it took so long everyone)
Enhancement Update Dec 13, 2012:
Made the dropped down box next to the user's name and the home button more blended with the theme. subtler whiteish color and rounded corners.

Update Dec 13, 2012:
Fixed a bug where comments extended beyond the photo theater lightbox and was therefore not visible.

Additional Update Dec 12, 2012:
Changed all images from free hosted images to data URIs. you will not see any difference in appearance, however the page will load faster and notification joules will no longer have the little issues with not showing up for a few seconds.

Additional Update Dec 12, 2012:
FINALLY Fixed the messages Page! done and working well. Any bugs please report. Thx!

Update Dec 12, 2012:
Removed most of the large images like the blue canvas along the top. These images have been replaces with pure css3 gradients. you shouldnt see any changes in appearance, but the page shoud load substantially faster now since there are no large images to cache and load up.

Update Nov 13, 2012:
BIG fix. there was a huge issue with the content pane making the messages page skewed in size. this has been fixed now.

Based on http://freestyler.ws/style/58580/facerane-facebook-more-friendly but with a LOT of new features!

Login System is based off of http://freestyler.ws/style/65585/facebook-login but recolored with some ui enhancements.

also it features http://freestyler.ws/style/44613/facebook-chat-subtler-offline-friends builtin with no changes.

Applies to:
www.facebook.com, http://www.facebook.com
CC0 1.0 Universal.
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