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Added by Sp3cial@userstyles, Created: Dec 07, 2012, Updated: Aug 20, 2013
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Fairly simple style that mostly aims to clean up Google's recent, pointless dickery and Web 54533745.0 gradients and beveled borders.

Also makes the player always large and centered, optionally removes the comments section altogether, makes the playlist slightly more minimalist (read: smaller), makes the description always show (and scroll if it's too large) and allows fairly easy resizing of the player and the height of the description/comments/related videos.

There is probably a good bit of VERY dodgy stuff in here, I haven't had much time to test and this is a major edit of a style I used for the previous youtube versions.

More info
While I have added some player size options, I figure some people might want to set a specific size.
To do so, first edit line 50:
width: #px !important;
and change # to the width you want the player to be. Experiment with this a bit until it's not blocking the guide (if you have the guide unhidden) and is a size you like. Once you have this set, take that number and divide it by 16, then multiply by 9 and finally add 31. If the result is not a whole number, round up. The number you get from this will be your height. This should lead to a perfect 16:9 video area with no black lines on the edges.

Updated Dec. 12; fixed unscrollable comments.
Updated March 21; Oh Google, why oh why must you repeatedly change the names of random divs arbitrarily? Fixed player, related videos and comment sizing. Man, that 7 in "watch7-discussion" must have really been bugging them. Also finally remembered to make the creator bar full width.
Updated May 21; Very slight change to the deleted/unavailable video page, also stuff was fixed earlier in the month after the playlists broke.
Updated Aug 16; Player renamed again. Fixed.

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