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A YouTube style using the Ubuntu and GeoSansLight fonts. Improving the appearance of the site in a minimal sense while also keeping the functionality. Inspired by other styles used for and as well as hdni's themes ( Support for ViewTube is added but users will need to change line 342 in viewtube's .user.js: from 'div' to 'viewtube'
This was originally developed as a custom, personal edit of Rétro YouTube ( by Spf. I later changed more than i expected and ended up with this.

Full Screenshots: (Home Page) | (Watch Page)

More info

0.1 - Initial Release.
0.11 - Small fixes for spacings.
0.2 - Fixed version numbers [0.1 to 0.01, seriously?] got Ubuntu font to work without user install. Small tweaks.
0.3 - Used Ubuntu font for a wider variety of text, Geosanslight will now load without user install.
0.4 - Fixed some inconsistencies, fixed colours in certain places.
0.41 - Fixed some guide items not displaying the new border correctly.
0.5 - Added cool transition effects, if you think something's missing (Except the comments, yeah i deleted that) hover your mouse over it (Subscription list on guide, likes/dislikes number and watch7menu underneath the video)
1.0 - (Full?) Release! Added bits and bobs to improve look and feel (mostly transition-duration) still needs some testing (and the fixing of that horrific HTML5 player colour scheme) but overall i'm happy with how it looks. Expect more updates.
1.1 - Changed buttons and colours to match theme including Sub Button. Added more transitions.
1.2 - Fixed some feed items not hiding their detailed content until hover.
1.3 - Fixed Unsubscribe button being hardly visible on the screen, added effect to video uploader information.
1.4 - Improvements made to HTML5 player colours.
1.5 - Fixed watch history/later list. Changed the way youtube one layouts are displayed.
1.6 - Used Geosanslight for view count.
1.7 - Used Geosanslight for video title, fixed watch7-content having freaky borders.
1.8 - Fixed watch7-content having freaky borders again. "Show More" bar beneath video looks better.
1.9 - Changed background of masthead. Might change in the future.
1.91 - Change background of Google Plus Notification Box to match new masthead colour.
1.92 - Removed banner underneath some Vevo videos.
1.93 - Changed the appearance of borders to suit the colour scheme. Changed search bar colours.
1.94 - Removed outline on clicked elements.
1.95 - Change margin on feed items again
2.0 - Added support for ViewTube (
2.1 - Fixed ViewTube's elements being higher than the masthead
2.12 - Fixed video thumbnails not being rounded on watch page
2.13 - Fixed youtube's doodle displaying underneath styled logo
2.2 - Fixed Geosanslight not displaying when not installed (Bit late, i know)
2.3 - Fixed video background when using viewtube
3.0 - Fixed all issues and fullscreen
4.0 - Revamp of some of the CSS, adjusted for new layout, new style
4.1 - Fixed inconsistencies in the colour scheme
4.11 - Missed a bit!
4.2 - Fixed new margins
4.3 - Fixed some text having the same colour as it's background [thanks incessantcomposition] (Current)

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