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This user style hides the annoying, intrusive overlay rubbish that Upworthy insists on throwing at you. In addition, it provides an easier-on-the-eyes light-on-dark theme (not white-on-black!) with most distractions removed. This style is updated on a regular basis as Upworthy web developers do their best to make the site less and less usable by people with any visibility constraints. Which is a little ironic, considering the site.

More info
* fixes the new silly white floating nav-bar

* update for blatantly white (.background--white) stuff. Hopefully they can stick to using this class on all retina-scorching elements.

* update for new white .fluid-page class

* remove survey iframe: I can't be bothered to style it and I don't see the point.

* remove floating header (it's white and I don't see the point; it's just
trying to promote FB shares).

* fix for white bar between story image and story

* up the contrast on most text

* updates for links with silly white shadow
* updates for white-backgrounded headers with borders passing through them from :before elements
* update to underp preview images of other stories

* fixes for new white blocks in story pages
* clean up some page flow by removing some extraneous "subscribe here" elements. There are more than enough places to subscribe to Upworthy without the two I've removed, which were affecting page flow.

* fixes for the latest round of "how much pain can I inflict on your retinas", a game played by Upworthiest web developers.

* update for the new colors and layout which are part of the latest fantastic layout.

* update for new topic bar at the top of the page

* updates for white appearing in recommended link background
* tone down white in logo backgrounds
* tone down bordering colors
* re-align recommendation links

* fix missing scrollbars for pages where Upworthy attempted to make you do their bidding
but this script saved you (:

* fix for adjusted h3 elements in info area.

* fix for white header items creeping in
* fix for white info blocks

* remove invasive advertising (leave in the more subtle "sponsored by")
- also removes the embedded Facebook pane. Embedding Facebook into
everything is the scourge of the internet. Right after people who
can't just "like" or "+1" a post, but have to also add "haha" so
you get an email notification about it.

* fix for arb white header stuff in wide view
* remove strange "sticky-header" which tries to bully you into sharing. Come on Upworthy. You're better than that.

* fix for white bordering in suggested next post

* update for the now invasive subscription and sharing elements. Of course, you can
always still share the old-fashioned way, by copying the url out of the address bar.
* update video container area to have more subtle bordering

* fix for sharing menu with glaring white backgrounds.
* fix for white blocks at the bottom of the page. Seriously, who styles divs, by ID, to have white backgrounds. Why not just leave the background alone?!

* prevent brain-dead "holler" overlay which pops it's little damaged head up when you
happen to move the mouse away from the content you want to see. Am I offending you,
Upworthiest devs? Good. Your invasive site hides excellent content through attempts
to push other crap at me. When I'm interested, I'll click the links to the right.
Now others can just enjoy the great content without being bullied into whatever agenda
you're currently pushing.

* update for promoted stories' background color

* better transcript area

* update to deal with transcripts

* fix for white email invitation area

* fixes for the "improved" site. Remove detracting garbage, simplify page, try to get
page to fit vertically to avoid scroll

* got tired of the retina burning. Upworthy goes dark now too.

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