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Added by davydm@userstyles, Created: Feb 28, 2014, Updated: May 25, 2014
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Simple light-on-dark Facebook theme. Written from scratch for the new layout, continually evolving, but already a lot easier on the eyes than the stock white and blue site

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This is a fresh, clean start at trying to get a dark, simple feel. It's my "daily driver" theme, so I'll keep it maintained and I take reasonable requests.

* fix for some FB derp putting divs with specifically empty classes over the edge of the feed

* (temporary) fix for inability to reply to comments on comment. This needs more investigating. Please bear with me and the stray photo attachment button for the moment.

* minor fix for like/comment/share layout on some items going a little astray

* update for text area padding on status input causing grey partial border (at least on Linux)

* fixes for the new whacky user menu which adds zero user functionality, but someone at FB just *had* to mess with it.

* some cleanup on settings page, particularly with excessive white bordering and hover states

* small fixes for whites on timeline viewer
* shave a few pixels off of the left content on profile view so that it doesn't get shunted below the timeline content

* fix for white drop-down when searching
* fix for white panel on friend's wall where you'd post something

* add some padding to the image container for a person's wall to deal with
the overlaid action buttons -- no more missing 32px of image at the bottom (:
* finally fix the white that would come into a notification link if you middle-click it
* fixes for the like/comment/share area layout
* fixes for some white bordering on selected timeline items
* fixes for white borders at the bottom of notifications and messages, above the "view all"
* post privacy dropdown looking more interactive and nicer
* fix for FB "like" iframe on sites that really want you to click that up-thumb
* fix white bleed-through on viewing an image on someone's wall
* remove light blue poking through the edges of the top bar
* fixes for privacy menu drop-down
* other small fixes
* realign like/comment/share action links as per user request
* some chat fixes
* numerous fixes (fb chat, some like buttons, obnoxious white bordering, LHS category navigation, shared links hover, shared links border, sharing privacy drop-down)
* numerous fixes to view of another person's timeline (white borders everywhere squashed)
* fixes to your own timeline, especially around your profile and cover photos
* chat updates20140302
* fixes for viewing a person's timeline: white around comments lists and date selector

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