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Added by HellShe@userstyles, Created: Dec 21, 2013, Updated: Mar 29, 2016
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Choose your favorite colors for the header.

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2.1.3 - March 29. 2016
+ fixed awkward spacing of the header icons
+ design improvements

* The dark design makes images less bright. - Hoover over them to see them with full opacity.
* To use your own image as a background select "Design" -> "Custom Image".
* If you get the error "Choose a value for every setting first" upon installation please enter any
letter (eg. "a") into the url-bar and try again.


2.1.2 - Aug 8. 2015
+ removed transparency from header notifications because it looks better
+ inline notifications now have the right colors

2.1.1 - Jul 29. 2015
+ better inbox design

2.1 - Jun 28. 2015
+ Options for blue or custom backgrounds

2.0.4 - Jun 15. 2015
+ Some adjustments.

2.0 - Jun 12. 2015
+ New "bright" and "Dark" designs.
+ Option for own colors.

v. 1.11 - 3.11.2014
-Update for the new dashboard (New post button, notification icons and the new post effect)
-fixed some minor bugs

v. 1.10.1 - 15.10.2014
-fixed for new search bar code

v. 1.10 - 16.8.2014
-fixes for tumblr changes
-changed blue fading effect on the search page to the background color
-changed blue fading effect on the theme page to the background color
-Fixed: Settings panels had no background
-Fixed: Theme page had no background

v. 1.9 - 17.7.2014
-fixeed for tumblr changes

v. 1.8 - 1.6.2014
-Removed the two random slashes next to the new posts panel.
-Fixed: Search popover/ tracked tags were not clickable.
-Fixed: Options were missing text.
-Fixed: Options moved over the header.

v. 1.7 - 17.3.2014
-Fixed: The backgrounds of some help pages were transparent instead of white.

v. 1.6 - 16.2.2014
-Fixed: Style didn't work properly on the theme page.
-Fixed: Style for the theme page didn't work with enabled SSL encryption.
-Fixed: Style for the theme page didn't work when a theme was selected.

v. 1.5 - 8.2.2014
-Extended style to the search page.
-Minor changes on the followers and following pages.

v. 1.4 - 5.2.2014
-Fixed: Style for the mass post editor didn't work with enabled SSL encryption.
-The fading effect for new posts is now slightly darker.

v. 1.3 - 1.2.2014
-Fixed: Bottom of the following page looked tangled.
-Extended style to the mass post editor.
-Extended style to the theme page.
-Slight improvement of the activity page.
-The header has a slight shadow now.

v. 1.2 - 30.12.2013
-Extended style to the log-in page

v. 1.1 - 25.12.2013
-Fixed: Blog settings had no background.
-Fixed: Style also applies to the settings page now.
-Changed: The selection-nipples on the header are now hidden.
-Changed: The fade out effect when creating a new post has the same color as the
background now.

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