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Added by JPM@userstyles, Created: Feb 24, 2014, Updated: Dec 29, 2016


A Youtube tweak to improve the layout:

- The theater mode player is now bigger and aligned to the other tables.
- It makes the header (top bar) a static header, so it won't follow you when scrolling and you don't lose screen space.
- The left menu becomes a static object too.
- I also removed the "recommended channels" menu, as it takes away space and it's basically ads.

More info
2016/12/30 Going fullscreen from the small player on non-16:9 videos made them off-centered. Fixed.
2016/06/03 They changed the size of the controls in theater mode, I adapted the code.
2015/11/20 360º Video size fixed.
2015/08/04 Adapted to the new player.
2015/06/22 Non-16:9 ratio videos were still missaligned in fullscreen mode. Fixed.
2015/05/27 Same as 4:3 videos, some non-16:9 ratio videos were misalligned. Fixed.
2015/05/07 Fixed the playlist position.
2015/05/07 They broke it again. Let's see how long it lasts.
2015/05/06 This time Youtube destroyed everything. Remade it from scratch. Also now the code is cleaner, and the left menu adapts better to the content.
2015/05/05 Some change made a black part of the player's background visible. Fixed.
2015/05/04 Small fix for some resolutions.
2015/04/29 The 4:3 ratio videos should be centered now.
2015/04/28 Youtube messed up the alignements. Fixed.
2015/03/14 More fixes.
2015/01/09 Another Youtube update, another fix.
2014/11/14 Youtube fixed a problem with their small player. I removed my own fix, since they conflicted with each other.
2014/11/11 Another change made the players being misaligned. Fixed.
2014/11/09 More Youtube changes, more fixes.
2014/08/27 Another Youtube change required to fix the background height.
2014/07/31 Cleaner code.
2014/07/19 Youtube keeps messing the design up. Fixed again.
2014/06/21 Youtube changed something that messed up the medium player size. Fixed.
2014/06/13 Youtube added a background in theater mode. Fixed its height.
2014/05/21 Now the left menu adapts properly to the content.
2014/04/29 For some reason, the menu had been shifted. It should be fixed now.
2014/03/09 Another fix.
2014/03/01 Fixed another problem.
2014/02/25 Fixed some problems.
2014/02/25 First version.

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