HD YouTube: Touhou Style

Added by aranicar@userstyles, Created: Feb 25, 2014, Updated: Jan 28, 2016


Adds a Touhou picture to the background (or your very own!) and makes all the sections dark transparent. Also adds HD monitor support to YouTube. More info below!

More info
If stuff doesn't load properly a good refresh will fix things.

For some reason, during my tests I found that any picture bigger than 200kB uploaded will mess the entire script up. If you want to upload a file bigger than that, please use a file hosting site and choose the "Provide your own" URL option.

Due to css3 compatibility limitations, make sure your browser version is not horribly outdated. Chrome works fine and theoretically, recent Opera versions should work too. On the other hand, my Firefox tests have turned out to be quite annoying. Only Firefox Nightly works, but you have to go to the about:config page (just type that in to the top navigation box) and set layout.css.filters.enabled to true. If you don't have Firefox Nightly and you set this setting to true, all the icons disappear :(. I guess until the main branch updates, Firefox will have to deal with darker icons. Sorry! :(

Since this is an HD skin, the recommended screen resolution is full 1080p (1920x1080). Other resolutions should work, but have not been fully implemented or tested yet.

V3.0.3 / 1-28-16
Fast fix to comments on watch page
V3.0.2 / 11-19-15
Fast fix to new Subscriptions page.
V3.0.1 / 7-5-15
Slight fixes; nothing new implemented.
V3.0 / 6-29-15
Now most code is on one section, hopefully less refreshing!
Slightly changed style
  • Some colors are different
  • Widths are slightly different
  • Overall I feel this new style is softer on the eyes than before
Search dropdown is transparent
Re-added recommended channels to subscription page
Fixed comments section in watch page
Various fixes and implementations that I missed in v2.x
Implemented All Comments page
Implemented Browse Channels and Manage Subs pages
Some stuff that I missed b/c I didn’t record it here
V2.10 + Hotfix / 4-13-15
Fixed Subscriptions page b/c that suddenly just messed up for no reason
Fixed uploads page a bit
Minor other fixes that I can't remember
V2.9 / 11-19-14
Fixed icons... again
V2.8 / 10-29-14
Fixed random lines in subs
Fixed color of un-editable playlist titles
V2.7 / 10-25-14
Fixed some incorrect icon colors
Fixed broken first background picture link (Why did it break in the first place?!?)
In the meantime I added a new picture
Overhauled search page
Fixed scaling on watch page
v2.6 / 10-2-14
Icons in lists are visible now
Cleaned up user page a bit
Darkened some segments
v2.5 / 9-14-14
Added support for other browsers:
  • Chrome (Main platform)
  • Firefox (Nightly only currently)
  • Opera (Not tested yet, but theoretically should work)
Account settings now partially implemented
Creator studio now partially implemented (and isn’t as vomit inducing as before)
v2.4 / 9-5-14
watch? page email share segment implemented
Sidebar playlist highlight improved
Hopefully ads with background look better
v2.3 / 8-28-14
Updated watch? page to new style
v2.2 / 8-18-14
Cleaned up watch? page by a lot
  • Fixed side videos lineup
  • Fixed up About, Share, Add to, Statistics, and Report section
v2.1 / 8-13-14
Fixed embeds
Arrows on container lists no longer add horizontal scroll bar
Works with Youtube layout 8-9-2014
Widths dynamically update
Background is centered and resizes properly
New background options
Works with Youtube layout 2-26-2014

Applies to:
www.youtube.com, https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions?flow=2, http://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions?flow=2, https://www.youtube.com/ad_companion... More »

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