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Grooveshark Transparent LIGHT (Retro)

Added by Mullins@userstyles, Created: Jun 18, 2014, Updated: Mar 16, 2015
No screenshot
Body opacity
Widescreen options
Broadcast header
Broadcast now-playing box
Chat options
Minimal chat: feedback
Minimal chat: now playing
Minimal chat: suggestions
Minimal chat: suggestion approved
Context menu and Tooltips
Button style
Broadcast actions
Suggestions background (recommended size fom custom image: 650x340px):
Background options
Background image (recommended size: 1920x1080px) ~will replace all grooveshark backgrounds~:
Upgrade button
Grooveshark Extended


Light style for gs with some options.
It includes a black background with transparency, images with rounded corners, combo boxes with gradients, a more compact broadcast view, no footer, and some other minor tweaks.

Check the notes for the changelog and info about each option.

More info
This style is focused on broadcasts, expect some issues inside user pages.


Body opacity: choose between no page background, solid color and gradient with different opacity.

Widescreen options: adds and extra 100px to the page width and adjust elements to fit to it.

Broadcast header: resizes and reposition elements inside the bc header.

Broadcast now-playing box: resizes the bc now-playing box.

Chat options: 3 new color schemes for the broadcast chat (white, grey, black).

Mimimum chat options (feedback): removes the info messages when someone guests, enters or leaves the broadcast.

Mimimum chat options (now playing, suggestions, suggestion approved): compact will remove the image and action buttons from the selected element, remove will hide it).

Button style: changes all gs buttons to a light color scheme, also turns some menus into buttons (ie: see all, bc history).

Broadcast actions: adds a low-opacity black box to the broadcast actions (vote/menu).

Suggestions background: changes the broadcast empty suggestion box background to the selected image. There's also an option to use a custom picture (recommended size: 650x340px).

Background options: changes grooveshark background to the selected color scheme. Last option will use a custom image, use the option below this one to choose it.

Image replacement: changes grooveshark background to the selected image. There's also an option to use a custom picture (recommended size: 1920x1080px). This will change all backgrounds (default, user and broadcast).

Ads: removes all ads (alternative to Adblock).

Grooveshark Extended: alternative style for gs extended script (

Upgrade button: moves button to the left of the user menu (also makes it less intrusive) or remove it.

Context menu and Tooltip: removes share/buy buttons and separators from menu, changes background, adds colored links.


version history:

1.9.1 - changed user collection and playlist backgrounds
1.9 - added context menu and tooltip option
1.8 - added option for "upgrade" button
1.7.1 - changed code to remove "upgrade" button
1.7 - added broadcast actions option
1.6 - added option to remove ads
1.5.2 - removed "upgrade" button from top bar
1.5.1 - removed invite box from chat, moved gs extended changes in options
1.5 - added minimal chat, compact header, and compact broadcast suggestion box options
1.4.1 - added compatibility for non-broadcast pages, extended custom button color option, made some fonts easier to read
1.4 - added button style option, tweaks to box transparency, fixed font color in some tabs
1.3 - added body opacity option
1.2 - changed tooltips/upload lightbox/chatbox color schemes, added solid color background to playlists, tweaked widescreen comments/form size, added default option for chatbox, cleaned css a bit
1.1.1 - fixed chat box size for suggested/accepted/song change notifications
1.1 - added background/suggestion option, grey chatbox
1.0 - released on

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