Android Dark Holo Inspired Theme for Google Apps

Added by Mitchm@userstyles, Created: Jul 05, 2014, Updated: Aug 23, 2015


My original theme was started off for just Gmail. Which can be found here:

*** That theme is no longer supported or developed, so please do not use it ***

Well that was not enough for me since i am solely using Google Apps now it had to do more, I have tweaked the Gmail theme a bit more and fixed a few bugs but have also now a full working theme for Google Calendar, with work on Drive underway as i have time and other Google interfaces to come later.

This theme was originally adapted from the use of the TT DeepDark 9.2 thunderbird theme from Steva @

I hope you enjoy this theme, a lot of work and many hours was put into customizing the css to perfection. If you find anything that is broken or needs some work, please let me know and i will do my best to resolve them.

Donations are welcomed and will keep my enthusiasm to continue development on this and future themes.

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YAYY! Reached 1000 downloads.... Feedback is important to me, so if you see any bugs or something wrong please let me know.

I have tested this in Chrome only v39.x, i should work in future version of chrome also, i will update the style if i find it breaks in future versions of chrome. I cannot guarantee it will look as it should in other browsers.


If you want your theme to look like the screenshots there is going to be a few things you're going to have to do which will greatly enhance your experience with using Gmail and other GApps. Follow the steps below

1. Goto themes and enable the standard Google Dark Theme

2. I highly recommend everyone who uses this theme to also install an extension called Gemilius, its great and you will be able to achieve a similar look to what is in the screenshot.

3. Under Gmelius settings you will need to check the following checkboxes. If i do not mention the checkboxes it means they are left default.

[]People Widget
[]Chat/hangout (all 4 boxes checked)
[]Go back to inbox
[]Move attachment
[]Automatically resize large inline images
[]Google icons

4. Since @import is not allowed i could not allow to use and upload the code with @import element, however here is what you need to get 'Roboto' working as intended, sans-serif is the fallback font. If you have any weird issues with Roboto delete the @import line

Add the following line at the very top of the code for each section
@import url(,400italic,700,700italic&subset=latin,latin-ext);



v1.6 - 23/08/15 - Increased the default body font from 15 to 16px
v1.5 - 26/12/14 - Some minor fixes
v1.4 - 08/08/14 - Some compatibility fixes with FireFox
v1.3 - 08/08/14 - Minor tweaks, styled the settings screens
v1.2 - 07/08/14 - Minor tweaks, styled the calendar entry screen
v1.1 - Fixes to some changes Google did in css files
v1.0 - Initial public release 6/7/14

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