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Grooveshark Metro (Retro)

Added by Mullins@userstyles, Created: Jul 16, 2014, Updated: Mar 16, 2015
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1 Background Replacement
-- 1a BG Color 1 (for gradient and solid option)
-- 1b BG Color 2 (for gradient option)
-- 1c BG Image (for image option):
2 Page Background
-- 2a Color (for opaque color)
3 Suggestions Background
-- 3a Suggestions Image (for suggestions background option):
4 Compact Notifications
5 Emoji
6 Remove Annoyances
7 GSX Support
-- 7a GSX Friend Activity
-- 7b GSX Nested Chat Separator
-- 7c GSX Chat Notification
8-1 Minimal chat: feedback
-- 8-2 Minimal chat: now playing
-- 8-3 Minimal chat: suggestion added
-- 8-4 Minimal chat: suggestion approved
9 Header
10 Custom Emoticons
11 Suggestion List Options (for guest/broadcaster)


Style based on but with a simplistic look.
Keep in mind it's intended to be used with a background replacement or most elements will be hard to read. You can also use the page background option but the skin was conceived without it.

It has a lot of the previous options built-in (widescreen, black chatbox, compact header, broadcast page).
Read notes for changelog and info about each option.

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More info

1 Background options: changes grooveshark background to the selected color scheme. Customizable with options BG Color 1, BG Color 1 and BG Image. *default values: #42424A, #151517*

2 Page background: changes color and opacity of the page container.

3 Suggestions background: changes the broadcast empty suggestion box background to the selected image. Option to use a custom picture (recommended size: 650x340px).

4 Notifications: removes icon placeholder from notification box and changes color scheme.

5 Emoji: unlocks access to selector and changes emoji panel theme (only useful if you use GSX or you have a subscription -link below-). Option to remove button to the emoji panel.

6 Remove annoyances: removes ads (alternative to Adblock), upgrade button; radio-chat switches/context, share/buy buttons.

7 GSX: alternative style for GS Extended script ( Options change how notifications are shown. Important: disable GSX themes in settings > preferences (top-right gear icon).

8 Mimimum chat options: - feedback: removes the info messages when someone guests, enters or leaves the broadcast; now playing, suggestions, suggestion approved - compact: hides image and action buttons from the selected element, remove will hide the whole message.

9 Header: - compact: removes grooveshark name from the top bar, animates the search/buttons and changes the user profile link; - micro: removes the top bar and shrinks all elements.

10 Custom Emoticons: swaps gs default emoji set (it will change the emoji just for you). Preview:
- DeviantArt set:
- Invision Power Board set:
- Custom set:
- Google Hangout set:
- SS set:

11 Suggestion List Options (for guest/broadcaster): colored buttons with extra space between them (to avoid accidental blocks on songs); option to remove the reject button.


Version history:

1.4.6 - changed broadcast block button color.
1.4.5 - added option to remove or customize the suggestion list approve/reject buttons.
1.4.4 - fixed play/add button rollovers.
1.4.3 - added SS emoji set.
1.4.2 - added Google Hangout emoji set.
1.4.1 - updated gsx mark and autovotes in bc queue.
1.4 - added custom emoticons option, added rr suggestion bg.
1.3 - fixed play buttons rollover, removed vip badge from chat (in remove annoyances option), added gsx custom guest list
1.2.3 - fixed play-pause button background; gsx lightbox border.
1.2.2 - code cleaned.
1.2.1 - updated gsx options (gsx v2.1.0).
1.2 - added header option.
1.1 - added page background, minimal chat options, extra gsx options
1.0 - released on

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