Improved Dark DuckDuckGo! May 2014 Redesign!

Added by Ripdog@userstyles, Created: Mar 19, 2011, Updated: May 20, 2014
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This is a small style to fix some niggles with the Dark theme on DuckDuckGo. For the old design, this was a full-featured style. That's no longer necessary, so it's a lot smaller now! Kept the old changelog for nostalgia. :)

Just to be clear: YOU MUST USE THE DARK THEME ON DUCKDUCKGO FOR THIS STYLE TO WORK! In a result page, click the menu button in the top right and select Dark.

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NOTE: This is only kept for historical purposes. Don't take it srs bro.

Black East Indian DuckDuckGo, a userstyle by ripdog
Yeah, the name is terrible, but whatever. I wanted to just have the name of a black species of duck + duckduckgo.
I need a better name.

Anyway, I wrote this style because I hate white, and DDG is awesome so this is a significant reduction in time spend staring at white for me.

Only tested in modern Firefox and Chrome. Firefox is highest priority; I don't use Chrome often. Probably works in other modern browsers, it's simple CSS.

Throbber is currently disabled. If anyone knows a way to replace it with a transparent/dark bg one, please email me. for the email.
I tried to keep things commented well due to DDG's minified classes and ID's. NOTE that in the 2012 Jan refresh, DDG has switched to using wonderful descriptive classes and ID's. Bravo!

It's now 2014-05-12 and here we are again, with another DDG release coming up! Time for a rewrite.

V1 - 2011/03/20 - Initial release. Results pages mostly themed, had a quick go at other pages. Need to finish them. Needs lots more testing, espc. around ZCI.
V2 - 2011/05/09 - Sorted out title bar. Removed background from non-search pages, it was ugly. Themed front page. Removed option to remove title bar from style, as there is a built in option for that.
V3 - 2011/09/09 - Long overdue release to clean up some minor things. Removed the duck logo from "did you mean" search pages, removed new sidebar with search ideas and "spread ddg" banner.
V4 - 2012/01/14 - Been a while, hasn't it? DDG has introduced a new site design, and this update styles the new version. Also added some nice transitions for mouseover of search results. Needs more testing.
V5 - 2012/01/15 - Fixed half-styled "Offical Site" and Facebook results.
V6 - 2012/01/16 - In response to feedback, fixed white footer on main page, introduced option to have high contrast search results.
V7 - 2012/03/27 - Styled small group headers in the 'more' menu, lightened text on the bang listing, removed ugly old style logo from bang submission confirmation page.
V8 - 2012/08/12 - Tiny update to remove the new, small white sidebar with "Tweet results, Add to , Set Homepage" in it.
V9 - 2012/10/29 - Lotsa changes this time! Fixed size and placement of the clear searchbox button. Removed funny borders around clear searchbox button in options page. Correct text color in the What's this? box for cloud settings saving. Changed colour of ZCI borders. Fixed there being a grey background around the ZCI expand button when collapsed. Fixed double bottom borders on collapsed ZCI. Styled the new options screen.
v10 - 2013/01/22 - Fixed positioning of text in search box. Removed vendor specific border-radius properties, and repositioned box-shadow on search results.
v11 - 2014/05/12 - Rewrite for new design! Turns out that DDG has a very nice Dark style now. This just fixes a couple of niggles.
OLD TODO: Avoid styling, improve More button placement, improve placement of inset shadow around results. Style the new goodies screen. Style non-js/lite DDG properly.
And anything else discovered/reported.

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