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This is a style to make YouTube dark! It's mostly two tones of grey.

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Currently this style should style everything the average video watchers sees, but if you are an author you might want to choose another style. Styling for video editor, video analytics, etc are incomplete or non-existent.

Please tell me about any bugs you see! URLs, reproduction instructions and screenshots are very much appreciated!

2013-01-22: First release!
2013-01-24: Fixed white footer and unreplaced YT logo in footer. Styled the search filter menu. Removed white line on bottom of logged in homepage. Fixed text coloring in channel feed pages. Styled that obnoxious "use your real name" dialog. Styled alerts. (Hopefully).
2013-02-09: styled age-gate button, styled ticker at header - used for live stream announcements
2013-02-12: Fixed background of channel link in video page going dark grey when clicked. Styled 'other channels you may like' box from channel page. Styled playlist page. Styled 'add to playlist' page from video page.
2013-03-21: Removed some white lines from video page comment section. Hopefully fixed all dark backgrounds on clicked links.
2013-05-04: fixed some rare comments having wrong text colour. Fix video page playlist display being miles off to the right. Fix vevo page colouring.
next: Generalised blue button styling. Dunno why I didn't do that earlier... probably more stuff I can generalise somewhere. All blue buttons should have correctly coloured text. Fixed white background around editable video description. Fucked with the video description expand/retract button. Not sure if I improved anything or not. Shoulda put this thing on git... Fixed white sidebar.
2013-11-11: Got that shitty new G+ comment system styled to a reasonable degree. Not perfect, may fix later. Fixed the icons below the viewcount and like-dislike score. Sorry about that, I forgot they existed :>.
2013-11-16: Fixed the buttons once again. In the last update I changed color-fixing the entire yt button palletes, rather than pulling individual buttons out and doing them seperately. This means I can do a whole lot at the same time, but also that my style's buttons will now break whenever google changes the layout of the pallet on the site. That's what happened recently, have now fixed. Improved coverage of button replacements - still not perfect. G+ comments should be styled more often - always? Various minor fixes all around.
2013-11-21: Added yet another G+ iframe url prefix. I have a working regex to catch 'em all, but despite what MDN says firefox doesn't appear to support it yet... sigh. In the mean time, more updates and more bloat! Yay!. Fixed the home button on channel pages. Probably more broken buttons somewhere...
2013-11-23: Haw yus! Regex for G+ iframe working. Mass button styling has proven to be impractical due to youtube being fucks and changing the button image again and again. I'll progressively switch them to individual buttons.
2013-11-26: Filled in the gaps in G+ comments. Changed regex, it should now match for firefox and chrome - fucking google serving G+ comments from different domains for different browsers. Styled search button in channel page.
2014-02-22: Google had another fiddle, and so did I. Mostly fixed up the new design. May not be complete, but I have tested video pages, front page, channel and search. Let's hope, eh?
2014-04-30: Fixed white blocks in search results.
2014-05-26: Fixed white stuff in search results again. Not sure what went wrong. Sorry for the delay.
2016-09-08: Whoa, it's been 2 years, 3 months and 13 days! Surprisingly, the majority of this style held up well. Most icons were no longer styled, I've fixed a bunch of the most obvious ones. Fixed links in descriptions being background coloured when mouse isn't in the description box. Turns out the G+ iframe has died the ignoble death it deserved, so a big chunk of CSS is goneburgers.

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