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Account to highlight links to, without the '@': (e.g. "BBCNews", without quotes):
Colour for links highlighting to account that you specify
Account to highlight tweets from, without the '@': (e.g. "BBCNews", without quotes):
Colour for tweets from account that you specify


Version 4 is here! Better Twitter V4 — with Options!.


—Nicer login & logoff screen
—Sidebar stays fixed
—Left or right sidebar
—Sidebar elements expand on hover
—Adaptive width*
—Shortened dropdown menu
—Useless elements removed
—White background box removed
—Promoted elements removed
—Smaller profile card
—Close all tweets button is now illuminated logo
—Last new Tweet is emphasised
—Enlarge profile pictures on hover
…& much more!
*may need optimisation for large/small windows

Make Twitter-stalking easier:
—Highlight tweets from a selected account
—Highlight links to a selected account

—Original - All the features, but stays at default width
—Adaptive Width
—Left-focused Adaptive Width - Sidebar on the right

Read 'More Info',<a href=">check out my other styles, and enjoy!

More info
7/6/12 Bugs
— Twitter's new logo changed the topbar icon. It used to illuminate instead of the close all tweets button, and you click it to close all tweets. Now you must click to the right of it (the hand cursor makes this clear). I don't have time to figure out how to fix this, and won't anytime soon,, so please be in touch if you know how.
— Profile picture enlargement is not always right as it is dependent on the scale of the original picture

20/5/12 Update; V4.0.9
— Updated Twitter logo to new Twitter logo

20/5/12 Update; V4.0.8
— Improved profile picture enlargement

16/5/12 Update; V4.0.6 & V4.0.7
— Created options on this page to enter account usernames for highlighting, to save from having to edit the code
— Added enlargement of profile pictures on hover
— Minor changes
— Released Better Twitter V4 — with Options!.

15/5/12 Update; V4.0.5
— Sidebar expansion compatibility with Chrome — Fixed
(You all should use Firefox, the better browser.)

14/5/12 Update; V4.0.3 & V4.0.4:
— Vertical positioning of content on — Fixed
— Minor improvements on code consistency

12/5/12 Update; V4.0.2:
— Emphasis added for last new Tweet

11/5/12 Update; V4.0.1:
— Forgotten password page and Captcha page — Fixed
— 'Close all Tweets' button replaced with illuminated topbar logo; click that to close tweets
— Searchbar always on topbar, to ease Twitter use

Our Name
Our name was inspired by Matt Kruse's Better Facebook (now called Social Fixer); we intend to make a similar add-on, but for Twitter. Only after the third version of our Better Twitter did we discover PayamR - Better Twitter; we have used none of their code and are in no way affiliated.

What is this?
This is many user styles in one, and so much more! This is a taster of the soon-to-be-released Firefox add-on. We hope to have that ready for you by September 2012. CSS has it's limitations, so expect much more from the add-on!

Countless hours have been spent creating and improving Better Twitter, to optimise your Twitter experience for free. The ads on this website are not by us, but by the owner of the site, and we make no money for them. We have spent hours creating this, released it totally open source, and haven't asked you for donations or anything like that; we believe that the best things in life are free. (Although, if you really want, you can donate from the PayPal link at the bottom of page, in the Feedback section.) All we ask is that, if you like this style, please tell your friends and share it on Facebook and Twitter. The more people we know we're benefiting, the more we will work to create something great. It also means that there will be more feedback to create a better product for you. So please, we aren't asking for much, just share a link to this if you like it. Sharing is caring.

This, Version 4, should be our last main release before the add-on. See also the Better Twitter V4 — with Options! of this. We have released all four major versions in the space of as many days, but rest assured that this is the final one (unless a major problem is noticed), so you shouldn't need to keep checking for updates. But do stop by every once in a while to see our latest styles!

Version 4 has three sub-versions: Original, Adaptive Width, and Left-focused Adaptive Width for you to choose from.

Instructions for Highlighting
In the boxes provided, enter the account name (without the "@") for the account(s) you want to use, not the URL like the box suggests. Only one account may be used per box. For example, if you want to highlight links to @BBCNews, select "Provide your own" and enter "BBCNews" (without quotes) into the box following "Account to highlight links to:". It is the same situation for accounts you want to highlight tweets from, except you enter the value into the box following "Account to highlight tweets from:". The boxes will turn red once you enter a value.

If you DO NOT want to highlight anything, leave the default selected option.

This blocks promoted content; you can easily undo this if you want. Advertising allows the internet to be free. If you're not willing to pay for a product or service, it makes sense to accept the adverts that pay for products and services for you.

Testing and Compatibility
This style works for both Firefox and Chrome. It has been extensively tested, and it shouldn't have any bugs, however, if you find something, please report it to us so we can fix it as quickly as possible. This has been tested on the latest browser versions available at the time of creation, but we expect that it will still work on older versions, and on newer versions, once they are released. This was created solely for Firefox, but, due to the nature of the code, it happens to work for Chrome; we had/have no intention of creating anything that encourages or aids the use of Google products.

Twitter downloads
If you want to access "" to access Twitter's mobile downloads, you will need to temporarily turn off this style. When logging out, Twitter attempts to encourage downloading mobile versions by advertising such products. This code cleans up the sign-out page, thus also altering and disabling any page with the URL prefix "".

We make every effort to ensure that your user experience is optimised, and that we do not alter anything that we don't intend to. After careful consideration, we believed that a nicer sign-out page was preferential to the ability to access the download section. This is because you see the sign-out page after every use of Twitter, where most people don't download the mobile version of Twitter, and, if they do, they only need to ever do that once.

This uses code from:
Condensed #newnewtwitter — Sidebar button mirroring for left-focused version
Twitter: Highlight "Last New Tweet" Message — Last new Tweet empahasis — Sidebar collapsing/expansion
All code by others used in our code is edited to improve their efficiency, functionality, and integration within our code. All of their code is theirs; we make no claim to their code.

Our code is released under

You download and use this code at your own risk. We, the coders, are in no way responsible for any damage done, or costs incurred, due to the use of our code.

You should to add comment and rate the style.


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