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Broken - FIMFiction - Custom Banners

Added by Thibi@userstyles, Created: Jul 08, 2012, Updated: Oct 06, 2012
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Official Website Banners:
Banner Additions


This is set up to allow you to use any of the banners that have graced either the front page or specific stories on!

More info
As I can't follow all of the stories, please feel free to for adding additional story banners!

The default selection should be the current default banner.

To use the custom banners, you need to select the appropriate option in the "Official Website Banners".

Feel free to send more custom banners my way if desired! :D

If you desire to switch amongst them with ease, I'd recommend checking out


• Added - 20/07/2012
• Added 'Flutterdash - Anime' - 03/08/2012
• Added: - 05/08/2012 (Note that the the headers are random at this point)
   'Flitter & Cloud Chaser'
   'Fluttershy - Armored'
   'Rainbow Dash'
• Added custom user-created banner options - 05/08/2012
• Added: - 05/08/2012
   'Twidash - Reading Rainbow'
   (Recovered 'Flutterdash - Singing' with thanks to iloveportalz0r!)
• Added: - 08/08/2012
   'Luna' (Possibly story-related)
   'Mare Do Well'
   '"Elements of Discord, The"'
   '"Equestrians in Undergarments"' - Kudos to Kbpikachu!
   Kudos to iloveportalz0r for finding these!
• Added: Versioning and now list all options inside. - 08/08/2012
• Added: - 09/08/2012
   'Fluttershy & Pinkie'
   'The Shady Trough'
   'Twilight & Celestia'
   'Twilightlicious' with head bop!
• Converted all links to SSL so as to retain secure connection - 09/08/2012
• Added the Reuniclus Edition Basket navbar overlay - 09/08/2012
• Hid theme selectors... Finally... <.<; - 10/08/2012
• Added update notifier in the stats box - 10/08/2012
   (Note: It'll be active for ~24h after I add a new banner)
• Added 'Applejack & Rainbow Dash - Running of the Leaves' - 12/08/2012
• Appropriately renamed headers as needed with;page=banner_credits - 13/08/2012
• Added 'Scootaloo' - 15/08/2012
• Updated basket div issue - 19/08/2012
• Merged custom banners into official offerings to fix issue with the invalid code detection. - 06/10/2012

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