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decembre@userstyles deleted this style because of "Seems not working for now..
Use this one for WideScreen:
Flickr - Flickr WideScreen - Hidden Top Header"

Try Flickr - Flickr WideScreen - Hidden Top NavBar v.2 instead of this deleted style.

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Flickr - New Global Nav Bar + 3 Scripts (GM) v.5

Added by decembre@userstyles, Created: Dec 15, 2012, Updated: Jan 08, 2014
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I Quickly Update this Usertsyles , without the support of these 3 GM.
Maybe if i can fix them, i shall re-addd them later.
All about Userscripts / addon / userstyles / applications for Flickr After New Photo Page Design (2014) [Updated 23 Avr 2015] .
Re-edited when something change...

► ► What's does this Userstyles:
More place for shots!
Transformed in a SINGLE TOP LINE (one pixel height), on the TOP LEFT CORNER.
Only on the first 1/4 of the window's width , to not open it always when you h0ver the top.

▶ VISIBLE on HOVER when you mouse hover on:
- this TOP LINE of the window
Mails Alert Icon with the count of mails Unread.

More info
As of April 22 2015 [after the Flickr's "last" radical change] :
Many Tweaks around the Flickr "OLD Design Photo Page" are not more possible...
Like this one:

▶ (Removed At this time) Support too 3 greasemonkey scripts:

▷ BROKEN ?? :


NEW :Now this style is include into too :

► ► What's does this Userstyles:
More place for shots!
► NavBar HIDDEN :
The "New Global Nav Bar" stay fixed and hidden on top window.
If you hover the mouse on these spaces , the "New Global Nav Bar" appear and you can use it.

► A border of 1px height stay visible on the TOP Left, on only 1/4 of the width
(To not open the navbar when you move the mouse on the top).
Mails Alert Icon with the count of mails Unread,
only visible when there are Mails waiting to read, on the Left Corner of the window.
- Hover the Icon ("+") on the Right Corner of the windows, make it's "Notification Bar" appear too.
NEW 2015 : Seems Broken....

INFO for Flickr Notification (but seems broken now in 2015):
To see it:
Hover its Icon (on the right side).
Its little envelops appear with the Nav Bar.

▶ Please Comment and give Feedback if you like this Style :-)

You can test my other Usertyles (Many are better for A WIDE SCREEN (1920x1080)!:

- For Flickr Userscripts (GM: cf greasemonkey), like

- For Flickr Viewers :

▶ Please Comment and give Feedback if you like this Style :-)

►► GM - USO MIRROR ???
"" is down.....
And "" is down too.

You need to Use now :
-, the Static Mirror Of,
or some other alternative like:
- https://greasyfork.org by trespassersW:
Useful when searching for script via google, this userscript Redirects links to , the Static Mirror Of .
Also redirects links (which stop to work now).

▶ You Can Find Many Other Updated Infos About Flickr Extensions / Userscripts / Userstyles / Applications..
In :

I have Updated all links from (defunct) ,
to point now to (Archives))

▶ Please Comment and give Feedback if you like this Style :-)

▷ Thumbnail Preview With:
▶ "Splash Album Viewer Fixed" - AutoPager support(
It's the better solution for many Flickr thumbnail : FAST and Simple...
▶ ( Firefox Addon)
Very Good addon to use on many sites too.

► Firefox Infinite Page Addon, in Use and Recommended:
This Style Work well, like my others style, with:
- AutoPager's SET Rule : read the related topic ...

Applies to:
CC0 1.0 Universal.
decembre@userstyles has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Flickr - New Global Nav Bar + 3 Scripts (GM) v.5, to the extent allowed by law.

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