MeTube (v3.04)

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An enhanced YouTube experience, featuring a wide variety of tweaks, such as:
-No 'dislike' button/stats
-'Lights Out!' function for night viewing (currently Firefox only)
-Grab n' scroll mini-player for reading comments while watching
-Animated channel headers
-Little tweaks
-Much more, and more to come!

More info
[Compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome]

MeTube Version 3.04

Complete Feature List:
-No dislike button
-Enhanced navigation
-Lights Out! function for night viewing(currently Firefox only)
-Grabbable player (grab n' scroll)
-Auto-hiding footer
-Animated channel banners (high-res screens only)

Version 3.04
-Minor bug fix preventing full-width footer

Version 3.03
-Minor bug fixes

Version 3.02
-Fixed several little bugs caused by minor YouTube updates
-Lights Out! button is now more reliable on Firefox. Now visible on Chrome, but still non-functional. Working on it.

Version 3.01
-Added special implementation for integration of YouTube Auto Replay addon

Version 3.0
-Total overhaul! MASSIVE code cleanup, all features re-coded from scratch!
-Now compatible with new YouTube!
-More functional and elegant than ever, with custom support for many resolutions!
-Many bugs from previous versions FIXED!

Version 2.05
-Fixed bugs caused by update to YouTube code.

Version 2.04
-Fixed bugs caused by minor update to YouTube code.

Version 2.03
-Fixed minor bugs in the likes/dislikes region.

Version 2.02
-Fixed an issue that cut off part of the user bar

Version 2.01
-Fixed an issue limiting the number of related videos

Version 2.0 - MASSIVE UPDATE
-Numerous issues with the new YouTube layout
have been corrected
-'Better Guide' and 'Omnipresent User Bar'
have been removed due to new layout implementing
them by default. Thanks Google, imitation is
the sincerest form of flattery ;)
-More HTML5 player improvements
-Major code cleanup and improvements (over 50% new code!)
-Added auto-hiding footer
-Added beautiful animated channel headers

Version 1.1
-Improved Elegant Navigation on channel pages
-Improved HTML5 support

Version 1.0
-Various code tweaks and bug fixes

Version 0.85
-Various bug fixes
-Chrome support (!!)
-HTML5 support

Version 0.7
-Initial release

Known Issues:
-'Lights out' function does not work on Google Chrome. Button will not appear on Chrome browsers until this is fixed

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