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Dark theme?
By default the content box width is set to maximum 900px.
Reduce NSFW thumbnails opacity?
Do you use Multireddit?
Do you need the trending subreddit feature?
(Advanced Option) What font are you interested in?
(Advanced Option) Do you want a lighter link display?
(Advanced Option) Sidebar ...
(Advanced Option) Do you want an easier acess to your subreddit, without clicking on the + menu?
(Advanced Option) I want my reddit karma in the blue bar!
(Advanced Option) Do you use the CRU (Colorfull Reddit Username) userscript?


/!\ I won't update this userstyle. I'm really sorry for the people who like it and used it.
But, I won't delete this userstyle, so if someone wants to hack the css and maintain it, he can :)

Informations :

- Works with Firefox, Chromium and Opera
- support of RES
- white and dark theme are available
- all sidebars are available when you hover the top-left menu.
- navigation (next and prev) are always available in the left sidebar
- NSFW links are shown with a red border on the left. SFW are blue. Stickied post are green. Ads and upcoming links are yellow.
- works with compact mode and multireddit
- a shitload of options!!!

Installation Guide :

- in reddit, go to : preferences > display options > disable "allow subreddits to show me custom styles"
- in click on the green button ;)

Additional infos :

Subreddit :

Options :

More info
Todo list :

- clean up code
- fix bugs


What is 'Fromage' ?

Fromage is the little brother of . I hope you will like this style as much as the 'old' one ;)

Why 'Fromage' ?

No idea. But, after all, the latest android version is called Kit-Kat.

Why did this style took you so long?

I didn't found the time, I forgot and finally, I re-wrote the whole style ( it is now a lot lighter).

I like the topbar with my favorite subreddit. Why is there no topbar?

Personally I don't need it, this is why there is no top bar. But there is a shortcut to your subreddit on the gray bar : you need to click on the +. If you don't like it you will need to update your userstyle and enable the "show subreddits in the sidebar" option.

In RES, when I enable the nightmode, it doesn't looks like your dark theme, Roquefort. Why?

RES has his own dark theme. It is compatible with this userstyle but don't look like Roquefort.
For now, if you like Roquefort, you will need to install/update reddit Fromage, and choose the option "DAAARK" at the question "Dark theme?"

Some links ?

Of course here is and my and here is a subreddit if you have any feature request or encounter a bug

What's New ?

Since v1. Everything should be very stable. I've added some "Advanced Options". Only clean up and minor bugfixes ;)

Version Log :

1.12 : Fixed the "+" menu bug when the sidebar is on the right(7 July 2014)
1.11 : The visited links are now lighter, fixed bugs on dark theme(17 June 2014)
1.10 : Fixed some bugs on the Dark theme (21 May 2014)
1.09 : Small bug fix (28 May 2014)
1.08 : Fixed a bug who cropped the videos linked in comments (23 May 2014)
1.07 : Bug fixes (18 May 2014)
1.06 : Bug fixes (14 May 2014)
1.05 : Bug fixes and new option (karma in blue bar) (13 May 2014)
1.04 : Bug fixes and changed the sidebar icon, new option (show subreddits in the sidebar)(12 May 2014)
1.03 : New option : sidebar on the right(10 May 2014)
1.02 : Updates for mods also the "RECENTLY VIEWED LINKS" box is back(9 May 2014)
1.01 : Fix word-wrap of big username on user pages and clean up code(8 May 2014)
1.00 : Bug fix.(6 May 2014)
0.59 : Bug fix.(5 May 2014)
0.58 : I changed the RES menu (again!).(4 May 2014)
0.57 : Bug fix (a lot of chrome bugfix)(3 May 2014)
0.56 : Bug fix (2 May 2014)
0.55 : New User menu with a better RES implementation, it should be (a lot) more usable + bug fix (1 May 2014)
0.54 : Fix Night Mode in RES (sorry, I noticed the bug only today :( ) and polishing (1 May 2014)
0.53 : New option : lighter link display and some polishing (30 April 2014)
0.52 : Bug fix and polishing (29 April 2014)
0.51 : Bug fix (RES, classic and multireddit) (28 April 2014)
0.5 : RES is now supported! (28 April 2014)
0.48 : Preparation for RES compatible userstyle and first feature support landing (27 April 2014)
0.47 : Visited links are now lighter (or darker if you use the dark theme) (27 April 2014)
0.46 : Fixed :*/saved/ and /r/all (27 April 2014)
0.45 : Bug fixes (Dark theme, multireddit) (27 April 2014)
0.44 : better integration of multireddit (26 April 2014)
0.43 : New option : trending subreddit + polishing.(25 April 2014)
0.42 : Roquefort bugs fix and polishing.(25 April 2014)
0.41 : Dark theme (Roquefort) bugs fix.(24 April 2014)
0.4 : Dark theme (Roquefort) + Small bug fixes.(24 April 2014)
0.33 : Small bug fixes. Fixed the multireddit option.(24 April 2014)
0.32 : Nav button (Next and prev) are now in the sidebar, I tweaked a bit the footer. (23 April 2014)
0.31 : Small bug fixes. (23 April 2014)
0.3 : release of Beta! Basic integration of Multireddit :) This userstyle should now be fully functional. (22 April 2014)
0.23 : You can now scroll the sidebar! Some options have been added. A lot of polishing.(22 April 2014)
0.22 : Works now great with Opera. Tested with Opera-next (12.15). Some polishing. (22 April 2014)
0.21 : Works now great with Chrome, Chromium. Tested with Chromium 34. (22 April 2014)
0.2 : Release of Alpha. A lot of polishing and bug fixes. Stick post have now a green border. The style is a bit more responsive. (22 April 2014)
0.11 : Changed the design of the top left images, small bug fixes, better integration of the " - Textarea preview & formatting buttons" script(21 April 2014)
0.1 : Release of pre-alpha (20 April 2014)

Support: 8+, , ,
Applies to:,,,
CC0 1.0 Universal.
mwm@userstyles has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to reddit - Fromage - light & dark theme,works w/ RES, to the extent allowed by law.

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