Reddit Slate Nights 2.0 (Dark)

Added by Tenderhooks@userstyles, Created: Jul 27, 2012, Updated: May 21, 2015


Easy on the Eyes

RES Friendly!

UPDATED: The style has totally been re-written, so be sure to update it!

For those late nights on reddit! Dark slate tones and subtle hues for low contrast redditing, takes it easy on those tired eyes.

Problems? Suggestions?

Leave a comment or PM me with issues or suggestions!

Please PM me with your browser and OS, and when possible include a screenshot! Thanks!

Style Conflicts?
  • You may need to disable some custom reddit styles if there are ugly conflicts by going to Reddit Preferences -> Display options and uncheck "allow reddits to show me custom styles".
  • Since this is already a "night mode" theme, you probably don't want to use this and RES's own night theme, so pick one or the other

More info
Current Version

May 21, 2015
- Fixed RESPreview box
- Fixed reddit stamps
- minor tweaks

March 17, 2015
- Styled comment input boxes
- Styled "Big Editor" comment input boxes for RES

February 24, 2015
- Greyed out or [deleted] text styled.

February 6, 2015
- Inbox message dividers
- Reduced vertical spacing caused by Reddit's recent change

February 4, 2015
- Tweaks to Reddit "explore"
- More tweaks to inbox/messages
- Fixed clipping for viewing in "compressed" mode (Reddit > preferences)

February 3, 2015
- Fixed on/selected tab colors
- Minor tweaks to link-flair & labels

February 2, 2015 - v2.3
- Fixed private message views

January 30, 2015 - v2.2
- All content, faq and wiki pages styled for good measure
- Support for RES Comment Boxes & RES Never-Ending-Reddit

January 29, 2015 - v2.1
- Fixed spacing between links for a touch of extra breathing room
- Dozens of updates and adjustments to account for reddit changes - looks a lot better now!
- Lots of RES tweaks, more to come let me know if I missed anything

January 28, 2015 - v2.0
- Complete overhaul to accommodate for reddit's recent changes
- PS. sorry for the lack of updates, but expect a new update to this style out in a few days

Previous Version

November 25, 2013
- More tweaks for RES, see RES UI setting recommendations
- Tweaked "random subreddit" button
- Fixed multi-reddit sidebar, really stays fixed this time

October 18, 2013
- Moderator Mail tweaks

July 26, 2013
- New Multireddit sidebar (left) now remains FIXED when scrolling down the page

July 23, 2013
- Support for Reddit's new collapsible sidebar (on the left)
- Additional minor fixes

June 25, 2013
- Organic listing box tweaks
- Play nicer with RES

June 18, 2013
- Tweaked classes for moderator panels
- Tweaks for wiki
- Tweaks for user flairs
- Tweaks for posting forms
- Fixed mail/messages/inbox
- Fixed alternate even/odd

September 26, 2012
- Tweaked user toggle bar

August 20, 2012
- Fixed even/odd indenting issue for comments
- Harmonized some footer elements

July 31, 2012
- A touch more spacing between links
- Added a slight drop-shadow to the sidebar
- Tweaked the top tabs
- Removed the top link background

July 28, 2012
- Some minor known issues will be addressed next.

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