Yahoo Mail Wide Message Width Clarity No-Scroll

Added by SingularityUtopia@userstyles, Created: Oct 09, 2014, Updated: Nov 15, 2016
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The style makes the body message area (mail area) wider and the overall message (mail) pane wider.

I created this style because some emails displayed a horizontal scroll bar. The messages (mails) were too big for the message (mail) pane. This style removes that horizontal scrollbar problem.

The top nav bar is removed for added clarity.

Date labels breaking mail boxes into yesterday, last month, 2013, 2012 etc are removed.

Designed for desktop but should be fine on various size screens.

Simple style... easily adjusted for your particular screen. Change % and px for the two sections regarding: .msg-body and .messagepane, #shellinner.

Start a discussion below or if you have questions or feedback.

More info
Credit: Singularity Utopia.

Created: 9 Oct 2014.


12 Nov 2014: email-wrapped adjustment corrects Yahoo CSS error.
9 Dec 2014: Noticed some mails added horizontal bar. Fixed now via adding "word-wrap: break-word;" regarding long strings of characters **********************************************.
3 Jan 2015: For people not using ABP I realised the ads could be a problem, so I removed the big one that obscures the messages when they are being viewed. I left the ads at the top of the mail boxes because they don't get in the way. Yahoo is free funded by ads so I didn't want to remove them all.
29 Jan 2015: removed date labels that break mail boxes into yesterday, last month, 2013, 2012 etc .list-view-item-date-label
9 Mar 2015: added small margin at bottom of emails list (#shellcontent #shellinner).
15 April 2015: correcting Yahoo's changes (tabs area hidden not clickable).
27 April 2015: all ads removed because ABP was giving blank pages so ABP is off for Ymail, or can be switched for Ymail, because ads now totally removed via this Userstyle.
19 May 2015: modified toolbar (delete | move | spam | more), better visual appearance (borders shadows etc).
22 June 2015: minor style tweaks.
27 June 2015: adjusted search widths and improved all widths for better compatibility with larger screens.
11 Feb 2016: various tweaks, nothing major, mainly removal of double vertical scroll from low screen height (Yahoo has it's own message list scroll thus main vertical scroll is redundant thus removed).
15 Nov 2016: toolbar (messages header) buttons (.fresh-toolbar .btn) are now dark red with whitesmoke background (#toolbar).

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