Google Search Simple Clarity Minimal

Added by SingularityUtopia@userstyles, Created: May 27, 2014, Updated: Mar 04, 2017


Simple Google Search modifications. Clearer results. For desktop, may work on smaller screens.

Light-colored boxes for main search-results page. Standard (blue-lilac-grey). News results (yellow), image results (green). Various other minor modifications regarding font size, spacing, etc. has a grey-beige colored box around each search-result-title, plus other tweaks.

Right-hand Google info-panel ( modified.

Promos ("Come here often? Make Google your homepage" etc) and cookie/privacy nagging (tick/click consent box) all removed.

Horizontal scroll, too wide for screen (main search) Google error, removed.

Questions to, or start discussion.

More info
This style was my very first style, it's a work in progress, the css is a bit messy (due to being my 1st) but it works fine.

Credit: Singularity Utopia.
Earlier updates:
2 August 2014: OK Google seems to want to change its code every few days but I will solve this via having EVERY code permutation. F U Google! :-)
5 August 2014: minor tweaks. Edits to Google news buttons.
5 Sept 2014: Correcting Google code changes.
21 Sept 2014: removed sign-in warning from Google news, and added grey bg to left sidebar, plus other minor tweaks.
12 Dec 2014: minor adjustments to news results in main results (in the news) regarding Google's changes. The tool-tip pop borders on the news page are also adjusted.
21 Aug 2015: Removed some cookie/privacy click-confirmation notices. Modified Realtime Coverage titles/boxes, and modified news sub-header titles slightly.
25 Aug 2015: minor display adjustment for Google News regarding Chrome users.
28 Sept 2015: browse-sidebar padding and margin bottom.
23 Oct 2015: new error with hidden apps button corrected.
16 Mar 2016: removed the nagging "do you come here often" set Google as home page popup. Other changes too, I can't remember them all.
10 April 2016: finely tuned the hiding Google nag notices so not too extreme regarding wrongly hidden things.
11 April 2016: fixed the hiding of cookie/privacy notice consent, finally, via two more aspect to hide: .fAwjXaCTMo5__overlay, .fAwjXaCTMo5__container.fAwjXaCTMo5__visible
3 June: Google changed a margin on their news page, this update fixes it.
30 Sept 2016: fixed spacing too wide (17in sq monitor) main results, fixed header spacing was too big Gnews.
13 Oct 2016: fixing things.
18 Oct 2016: images-page fits screen (no horizontal scroll) but #search{width:52.5vw; makes image pane to narrow (need to fix). Knowledge graph is in middle of being restyled. General fixes.
4 Dec 2016: fixing Google's style changes.
16 Dec 2016: added YouTube domain re removal of cookie consent privacy notice.
13 Jan 2017: fixed stuff general styling, horizontal scroll removed, improved news in main results.
30 Jan 2017, blocking Google News consent acceptance entailed a blank page, fixed now. Oh. I also removed the "next" video button (.ytp-next-button) from YouTube, the button between "volume control" and "pause" because too often I pressed by mistake while I never actually needing or using it.
4 March 2017: fine tuning.

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